These are the first names to be heard

These are the first names to be heard
These are the first names to be heard

It returns for one more year Survivor to SKAIas it became known a few days ago, through the trailer which was uploaded to the station’s social media.

The presenter will be again George Lianoswho himself shared the first trailer on his accounts, thus “betraying” that he will be at the helm of the successful survival reality show.

At the same time, the first publications reporting to the male and female players that we will see in Survivor 2024 have already made their appearance, while the discussions on the TV panels have started to “fire up”.

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Survivor 2024: The first names being discussed

This past weekend, several of the entertainment shows dealt with the subject of participation, while some names were also heard.

Specifically, according to the report of the show “Smile Again”, he will not be a Survivor All Star, however, we will probably see old players, who were kicked out in past cycles.

Among those names, it is Asimina Hatziandreou and Katerina Dalaka. Also, his name is heard Rose.

At the same time, through a report from the show “Breakfast SuSu”, it became known that Mr Aris Souledis accepted a proposal and said “yes”, while it was revealed that Asimina Hatziandreou has already agreed.

It is recalled that last year, Asimina Hatziandreou had a dispute with the Turkish producer Atjun Ilijali, however, later the player stated that they have found a way out between them.

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