“Most people who write opinions and download entires are themselves on shows”


THE Eleni Hatzidou together with Eteocles Pavlou and the rest of the show’s team “Breakfast@Star” commented on the highly revealing interview given by Roula Koromilas on Mega and what he revealed about what he has experienced on TV and about the “cannibalization” he suffered in the past from the press.

“I remember this time. They did not stop writing about Roula Koromilas. The number 1 presenter of the country, we all admit that she is one of the best and how much she has been beaten. I also remember lawsuits and they were called fat,” said Eleni Hatzidou at first.

“You knock the fruit trees. I love hearing from Roula that numbers don’t define a presenter’s worth. I agree and it stands out that they set the course of a show. After all, it was another time when television criticism was authentic. She herself says that back then things were much tougher in terms of criticism” commented Eteocles Pavlou.

“I open a parenthesis and close it. Lots of people commenting on what’s going on, most of them are on shows. I close the parenthesis. Most of the people who write opinions and download the whole thing are the same ones in shows” concluded Eleni Hatzidou about criticism in today’s era.

The article is in Greek

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