Eleni Psychoulis: “The show of Markos Seferlis is a vanity”

Eleni Psychoulis: “The show of Markos Seferlis is a vanity”
Eleni Psychoulis: “The show of Markos Seferlis is a vanity”

Eleni Psychouli shops for vintage clothes and judges Marco Seferlis and Hector Botrini on Breakfast@Star.

Her statement about sex to be commented on.

“I’m so bored with psychotherapy, that’s why we have friends. Unless something terrible happens to you, that is, you see everything upside down, in which case you have to go and ask for help”, said Eleni Psychoulis initially.

“I always fall in love at first sight. I gave my whole life to those I fell in love with before I knew their names. In fact, I had seen one of them from behind and I knew that I was done here for a decade”, he emphasized.

“When I first saw me on TV I said I’m rubbish. My voice was like a magpie’s, terribly annoying. I was hiding behind a tree with hair, not watching my shows,” she added.

Regarding Markos Seferlis’ cooking TV show, he replied: “I consider it a vanity. I treat food differently than those shows treat it. In my opinion they trivialize it, they are neither funny nor entertaining. I do not like. I would never do “Nightmare in the Kitchen”, no matter how much money they gave me. I wouldn’t let anyone write my own rants, I figure you can’t eat up other people’s time without giving them something back. There are many programs on television that eat up other people’s time, taking away their brains.”

On sex in life: “From a certain age it is overrated. How much sex to have in life, until when? I don’t know, you can take long breaks and then it hits you at 80. Then you need it, you want to leave life relaxed with an orgasm.”

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