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A name that we did not expect is expected to return to Santo Domingo again and with an excellent fee. Who else will follow him?

SKAI officially announced, a few 24 hours ago, the new cycle of “Survivor” which is expected to be shown from mid-January onwards. However, as it became known on Saturday (11/18), it will remind a little… all star, since it is not excluded that we will also see faces from older rounds of the survival reality show.

Specifically, according to the show “Smile Again!” of MEGA, in discussions to participate in the new cycle of “Survivor” are also players who have participated in the survival game in the past and have been expelled from it.

Also, Konstantinos Vassalos, who participated both in “Survivor” in 2017 and in last year’s… all star version of the survival reality show, revealed that we may see well-known celebrities in the “Famous” group together with former contestants. In fact, it is possible that Triantafyllos will also accept an offer, and in fact with an amount that will reach 8,000 euros per week and which he will not be able to reject!

Of course, opposite will be a brand new team of “Fighters”, hence the casting call that is already “running” by SKAI.

Among the names that are reportedly discussing their participation in the new cycle of “Survivor” produced by Acun Medya are both Asimina Hatziandreou and Katerina Dalaka. It is recalled that Katerina Dalaka had won in the Greek-Turkish “Survivor” and, last year, she was expelled from the game together with Asimina Hatziandreou.

However, according to Grigoris Melas, the people of Acun Medya promise surprises in terms of the names of the participants of “Survivor” – not necessarily in terms of the competitive part. Of course, the presenter of the next cycle will be Giorgos Lianos.

Atjun found… the new Sofiana for Survivor – Dimitra is an athlete and a volunteer firefighter (Vid)

Dimitra Georganti, originally from Agiaso, has submitted a statement for participation in Survivor 2024. The 26-year-old athlete passed the doors of Acun Media Greece as she declared participation for Survivor 2024 and was invited by the production to go through a casting. In the first phase, she went through an interview and it is now expected that they will answer her – in about a month – if she will be in the group of players that will travel to Saint Dominic.

26-year-old Dimitra is a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science (TEFAA) of Thessaloniki and a volunteer firefighter.

She posted a photo of herself on social media at the entrance of Acun Media, writing: “We shouldn’t settle for anything less than what we dreamed of. Take a risk even if you don’t succeed, it’s enough that you tried!».

Neither Panagiotarou nor Spyropoulou – The famous blonde “capsule” athlete Atjun for Survivor (PHOTO)

A big surprise seems to be prepared by Ajun for the new Survivor, which according to the spoilers will be called Survivor Super Star.

Survivor is one of the most beloved games on Greek television and has kept us company in the evening television zone for the last few years.

In each new episode, the viewership engines hit red, as does the public’s anxiety about who will be the winning team each time in the demanding competitions.

This year things are expected to be somewhat different, since the channel and production want to combine Survivor All Star with regular Survivor.

As it has been leaked, they are aiming for the Warriors team to have new players unknown to the general public, players who will make up the new pool of Celebrities in the coming years and of course the next All Star.

Meanwhile on the Celebrity team, we’ll see players who were eliminated last year, as well as past Survivor players who didn’t show up last season. The following spoiler is impressive!

The spoiler wants Virginia Dakioulia back… on Survivor

One of the most loved and impressive players in the team of Fighters who went through Survivor, was Virginia Diakoulia.

The blonde beauty participant of the survival game Survivor, since her participation in the game and then became very popular with the public.

Participating in the game on the fighter team, she was a calm force with a gentle character and steadfast stamina.

As a former volleyball champion, she has a flawless body with impressive proportions and with a height of 1.80m, she is a beautiful and sweet woman who attracts attention with every step she takes.

So this woman with a dazzling body who sends unreadables wearing her bikini swimsuit on her vacation and turning her back to us makes us….LOVE!

Check it out HERE!


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