In the mental hospital for a week

In the mental hospital for a week
In the mental hospital for a week

He is being treated at the First Psychiatric Clinic in “Dafni”. Stamatis Gardelis. The actor found help due to the suicidal tendencies he had due to the major financial problems he is facing.

The information was given by On Time newspaper, noting that the actor has been in the psychiatric hospital for a week. Stamatis Gardelis confirmed this to Sasa Stamatis and said: “I asked for help for my suicidal tendencies, which led me to the point of throwing up from the sixth, because I lose everything. I have a debt of 80,000 euros, which the tax authorities make it receivable and put my house up for auction in Neos Kosmos. This is due to an arbitrary building in Porto Germenos, which I, along with other areas, expect to be declassified from the forest map, but the Town Planning of Elefsina turns a deaf ear and punishes me with maintenance fees every year, as a result of which they have reached unaffordable amount of 80,000 euros”.

Financial problems

The bureaucratic problems with his summer house in Porto Germeno have been brewing for some time. However, the actor is now at risk of losing his main residence in Neos Kosmos. As the actor has stated in the past, he had bought the house normally.

It should be noted that a few days ago, SGardelis tomato spoke on the show “Breakfast Soo Soo” about it, saying: “I have done an arbitrary thing, which I have settled by law, I have paid for it. The forest service came and canceled the fine I paid, not giving me my money back. Urban planning comes and imposes a new fine on me, which reaches 80,000 euros”.

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