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What’s on TV tonight | Movies Today | Sunday 12.11.23 | all today’s movies and our recommendations. If you want to see Trailer, plot, rating, stars, times and channels, for any movie playing today, you can click on the title of the movie you are interested in. Today’s movies that we recommend not to miss are many and good: 16:20 Mega Liar wanted (1961) • 16:45 Ant1 Kafetzou (1956) • 17:30 Parliament Mondo soup (2018) • 19:00 ET2 The Great Casino Heist (1963) • 21:00 SKY Asterix and Obelix Vs Caesar (1999) • 22:00 Open Sherlock Holmes 2: The Game of Shadows (2011) • 22:30 ET3 Delicatessen (1991) • 01:00 SKY Léon: The Professional (1994) • 01:45 ET2 Ardennes (2015) • 03:30 Open The Book of Life (2014)


Apart from the ones we recommend (underline them in blue), by clicking on any movie, you can see the trailer and read information, director, actors, rating, awards, to form a personal opinion.

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At a glance the posters from the movies

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TV Movie Schedule 12/11/23

Note: every age, culture, psyche and aesthetics have a different understanding of what a good movie is. Our criteria are strictly cinephiles – how well made a movie is – All movies are rated by IMDB

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