Farma – departure: The duel for Georgia Tsami is uneven


For the first time Star viewers watched a duel between players of different genders in Farm, on the evening of Thursday 9/11. The departure of Georgia Tsami was a one-way street.

With a final score of 3-2, Vaios managed to stay in Farma and send Georgia to leave. While in the last match, Vaio’s place was taken by Giannakidis. This test also determined the outcome of the withdrawal.

Earlier in the Barn Council, Elena Karambasi shared her thoughts on her decisions as leader, which did not go over well with the rest of the team. The blue players told their complaints to Leonidas Koutsopoulos, as they feel wronged by the attitude of Giorgos Tsamis. Both in relation to jobs, and in relation to charges they have accepted for animal care.

Giorgos, in turn, takes a clear position on what he has said, on the strategies being followed and finally talks about set-up duels. Specifically about what he heard Georgia say: “Last night I heard Georgia say that she will lose in the duel because she wants to leave,” Giorgos Tsamis told the Council with the rest of the players denying him.

Gogo left stating that she keeps the beautiful moments from Farma. Of the children, she will miss Nasia the most, with whom they had become quite close.

The departure of Georgia Tsami from Farma:


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