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What does she answer to those who compare the viewing figures of her show with Eleni Menegaki’s

What does she answer to those who compare the viewing figures of her show with Eleni Menegaki’s
What does she answer to those who compare the viewing figures of her show with Eleni Menegaki’s

Every noon he welcomes us to the show “Odos Zarifi 2” on Open. The reason for her Katerina Zarifi who speaks to the magazine OK! about her new television step, the collaboration with her team and the viewership numbers.

Would you say that Odos Zarifi 2 is the closest thing you’ve done on television to your “wants”?

She is closer to the Katerina of today. This show combines the two things I love, acting and presenting. I dreamed of doing two things, a satirical show
and a satirical anti-bulletin. At this stage I am covered with Odos Zarifi 2.

Do you want to see the ratings when you wake up?

Don’t tell you I wake up an hour before the numbers come out. They concern me especially now that it is the beginning, to see what people liked and what they didn’t. As every employee is judged every day in their work, so we are also judged by this piece of paper. It’s just that the older you get on TV, the more you learn not to let it affect your mood. But surely when you have given your best and you see that it is not reflected in the numbers, you get disorientated. You say “didn’t I do something right?” Should I stop it?’ Fortunately, we’re pretty happy with the show’s performance so far.

How did you feel when after your premiere what was commented on was that you did higher numbers than Eleni Menegaki’s show, which is shown opposite you, given your personal relationship?

It was strange and completely invalid. You are comparing an “exhibition series” that is still in its infancy with a woman-institution on Greek television. It’s unfair to both us and her. I understand that such a report is fascinating to you who writes it, because it has its
bread roll. If next week we don’t do well in relation to Eleni, does that invalidate our own effort?

But was Eleni the first name that came to your mind when you were told that the show would air at 2.00 in the afternoon?

No, and I’ll tell you why. It’s been a while since 2007-2008, when TV was like Lord of the Rings. I don’t think we are opposite, but side by side. You see that the audience is very divided, it’s a daily battle, not to mention half-crazy. Can her
one day the numbers are very generous and the next you say “Christ and Apostle! What happened today? Don’t they digest me?” Besides, what does “going across” mean? So many shows playing at the same time. We have Rouk Zouk, My Style Rocks, Konstantinos and Elenis, the
Shopping Star, Tatiana Stefanidou. It’s an arena.

Read more in the magazine OK! which is available on newsstands!


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