My Style Rocks: Tears on set

My Style Rocks: Tears on set
My Style Rocks: Tears on set

It’s back with a new episode “My Style Rocks” on Thursday afternoon (09/11) at SKAIwhile once again we had contingencies.

Specifically, one of the contestants announced that she wishes to leave voluntarily from the fashion reality show.

The reason for her Vasilianna Teloniatithe player who entered “My Style Rocks” just last week.

Despite the fact that she was one of the “new” girls, she chose to leave the reality show, and announced it as soon as she did her catwalk.

Addressing Katerina Karavatou, before describing her concept, she said: “Before I go on, I would like to communicate that somewhere here this journey of “My Style Rocks” ends for me. Some personal reasons have arisen that I need to manage outside of the game and I will be stepping down.”

“It’s purely to do with my professional life and how I can combine that with the game. I should have my mind and my body over there” Basilianna explained.

The player broke down in tears and left in an emotional atmosphere, without participating in the competitive part.

My Style Rocks: Watch the walkthrough video

My Style Rocks: Winner of the day Dionysia

Dionysia collected the highest scorewith her emerging as the winner of the day.

The player had the concept of going to a party of a well-known champagne company and wore a silver ensemble, with a white shirt, which she had cut off, while combining them with a long yellow jacket.

Yes, previously Stelios Koudounaris adored her looksaying: “This look is very nice, very nice what you did with the shirt and the ribbon because if it was plain, it would be nothing. Even those horrible shoes look good. Great look today, you really are a doll. Your makeup, your hair, the whole thing.. you’re gorgeous, it’s one amazing, sexy and chic ensemble, I wish all women out there dressed like this.”

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