The ultimate beef of breakfast restaurants

The ultimate beef of breakfast restaurants
The ultimate beef of breakfast restaurants

What exactly happened between Katerina Kainourgiou and Fai Skorda? The role of Andreas Mikroutsikos, Light, the outbreak and the response.

A new controversy broke out on Greek television, “stirring” the waters of the morning shows. The reason for Katerina Kainourgiou and Fai Skordaswhich are at the center of discussions and tele-windows in the last hours.

In particular, it all started yesterday, Wednesday (09/11), when Katerina Kainourgiou played on her show excerpts from the comments of Fay Skordas on the show “Fay’s Time”, who spoke for the beef between Andreas Mikroutsikos and Lightand mostly, about how the show “Super Katerina” (of which Mikroutsikos is also a member) managed the whole thing.

To understand the conflict that arose between the two presenters, we should go back a little.

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What had happened to Mikrutsiko – Light

Here, we must recall that last week Katerina Kainourgiou’s show played an excerpt from the music talent show “Fame Story”, in which one of the judges, the trapper Light spoke disparagingly and disrespectfully about the Greek music of the past decadesemphasizing that in 2023 no one listens or sings this kind of songs.

As soon as the excerpt was played, Katerina Kainourgiou urgently asked Andreas Mikroutsikos to comment, with him initially refusing. Her persistence led, ultimately, to the presenter’s explosionwho called Light “irrelevant”. and underlined that the trapper cannot call great Greek composers and lyricists “boring”.

The beef continued in the following days, with answers and counter-answers, while it was shown on many morning shows, among them, Katerina Kainourgiou (Almost every day) which had the “exclusivity”.

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Skorda’s comments on “Super Katerina”

A few days ago, therefore, on the show of Fais Skordas, the statements of the journalist Nanas Palaitsakis, who had characterized “shame”the fact that the Andreas Mikroutsikos show itself, i.e. his collaboratorsthey chose to put him in this “trip” and show him footage of Light’s insults, waiting for him to respond.

Small parenthesis: Nana Palaitsaki said, among other things: Shame what they did to Mikroutsikos. If this is what your own people do, then what do you expect from those who have not met you. They did something that is unacceptable. They used Light’s edited statements, hung Andreas Mikroutsikos in the window and we saw an “accusation” by Light, a prosecutor against Mikroutsikos, who hangs him on the pegs, who embarrasses him, who takes him to the cross. This is done in his own house“.

Fai Skordas stated that she found the show’s approach towards the host (Andreas Mikroutsikos) somewhat excessive and disrespectful, stating that maybe they put him in an awkward position, while he emphasized it happened three or four times. He also emphasized – on the issue of whether Mikroutsikos was aware or if he was “caught off guard” – that he himself would never tell the people in charge of the show “don’t play this video”.

Specifically, he said: “Obviously they are doing well, because they are doing well in terms of numbers. They have this specific subject matter that also becomes person-centered, with controversies of their own. And Andreas has his opinion. That’s the nature of the show, they are doing well, no one will judge her, the world judges and in the end sees or does not see something. It’s just that the particular moment, the particular words from the particular person were too much, it was like there was a line, they crossed the line. It’s not just the television, then there is also a respect for a person, sitting there in the company. It’s not about putting everything in the same bag“.

Maybe there should be a filter there. No one can be the editor-in-chief of a show, because the people choose. But this particular moment, humanly, professionally and out of respect alone and age has nothing to do with it, is not nice. It’s insultingwhy do you host a man who curses you” he added.

The wild outburst of Katerina Kainourgiou

Katerina Kainourgiou, of course, played the excerpt with the statements of Fai Skordas on her show yesterday.

“They give me lessons – mainly for me they go, they point the finger at me, at me and at the editorial board and at the best project manager there is, which is Themis Mallis, how to do the broadcasts properly. They have an opinion if we insult Andreas. I won’t go into the process of what shows they presented or have presented from time to time Katerina Kainourgiou said initially.

Afterwards, he gave the time to Andreas Mikroutsikos to comment, as the statements referred to him. But, much to her surprise, the presenter stated at some point that “Faye was the most accurate of all”referring to the issue raised as to whether he was informed.

Then, Katerina Kainourgiou interrupted him and repeatedly emphasized to him that he “didn’t understand anything” from the presenter’s statements. “Faie Scordas came back and said together with her colleagues that the show and the presenter are humiliating you” he shouted, with Andreas Mikroutsikos remaining bewildered and stating that he processed and understood Skorda’s statements differently. In fact, Mikroutsikos, to the direct question of Kainourgiou “Is the show humiliating you?”denied nothing, but answered: “That’s another question.”

The presenter went on an unprecedented outburst, saying, among other things: At this moment I am offended. You haven’t understood anything. She came back and said Fai Scordas along with her colleagues, that the show and the presenter are spoiling you. That’s what they said. Cut the entire passage. He said the show spoils you. Is the show screwing you up? Chop only Garlic. It doesn’t matter, we are doing a promo for them, 5% is doing, we will raise it a bit today. Immediately after the commercials, show the excerpt from Skordas”.

And he continued: “It rather bothers some TV shows when they see people working together for years and not changing partners every year. It bothers some TV shows when people like me and my team have started from scratch, from scratch, without anyone’s backs and we have come to make success by hard work, without any marriage, without any strange cooperation and without any humiliation. Cut the passage from Scordas and then Andreas will comment on it. It’s okay, he’ll do one more unit today“.

From the outburst to the personal attack

After the commercial break, Katerina Kainourgiou came back: “I have worked very hard and at the moment there are people in control who have supported me, so I do not accept such accusations about me and my partners” and emphasized in a strong tone: One last thing. I will never again allow any show or host to lift a finger and tell me that I disrespect my partners. Me that my partners are the same and I don’t change them every year to save my butt. And for one to actually come out and say if I’ve treated my partner badly“.

“After all, people choose who they will see and who they won’t. One last thing. If Mr. Gardelis had ever been a guest on our show and had equated homosexuality with animal husbandry, I would not have come out after a break and had the same guest. I have proven it, the phone hangs up and the guest leaves. Because for me this is respect” concluded.

The silent answer of Skordas and Constantaras

Since the show of Faia Skordas is shown after “Super Katerina”, many were waiting for the presenter’s answer, since she would have already been informed about her colleague’s outburst. Skorda, however, chose not to continue the argument and contented herself with some words that were indirect answers.

“I get a lot of messages… I didn’t even have my name day! Almost all of my ex-partners who have gone through my shows have messaged me. And I want to send everyone a big kiss. I love you!” said Fai Skorda, while at another point, regarding her guest, Christina Bita, and the fight she had with her teammate in “My Style Rocks”, she said: “However, be that as it may, everything is fine and maybe tomorrow, the day after tomorrow you will be friends and nothing is wrong. It is not nice to report from woman to woman, especially when there are children involved“.

A little later, Lambros Konstandaras from the “Fay’s Time” panel, posting on his personal Instagram account, said: What you did to Faye today, I will never forget. Thank you for making me respect and love her five times more for everything and I will be by her side wherever I work. Forever! Just because of what he had to go through today. People who have such serious issues of all kinds should try to solve them and those close to them should help them. It’s not bad to ask for help. The bad thing is not finding her. We all might need it at some point. But what you did today”.

Katerina Kainourgiou’s answer came a little later through her own social media. “I am really ashamed that “colleagues” do psychiatric opinions and play with MENTAL HEALTH issues just to exploit and reverse the essence. Dangerous…!!!” she wrote in her story.

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The issue seems to have no sequel, since Fai Skordas, in essence, did not directly answer Katerina Kainourgiou. However, the TV viewers – Twitter users, seem to find Fai Skordas right and consider Katerina Kainourgiou exaggerated, characterizing her outburst as an “attack”.

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