New review by Jason Triantafyllidis

New review by Jason Triantafyllidis
New review by Jason Triantafyllidis

Jasons Triantafyllidis writes a new review on the occasion of the start of the “Radio Arvyla” show for this season.

The show does not hesitate to comment, judge, criticize always with a weapon of laughter

In the black darkness, in the heavy dramas of the period, – my God, how much more I will write the same this season – and in all that make up Greek television, the now classic Radio Arvyla appeared on the screens again. A truly satirical show with genuine humor, with decency and taste and a level that does not pull down its pants for laughter, but also does not hesitate to use laughter and fun to talk about what is happening around us and not only, cool and light – now that I think about it maybe not so cool and light – because the satire on Radio Arvyla may not be vitriolic, but it is satire and it does not hesitate to comment, to judge, to always criticize with a weapon of laughter, nor does it consider that there are some who may have immunity for their actions.

I may not always agree with all their views, but even in difficult times and for difficult issues and for protagonists of the current situation, they have never hesitated to take the most progressive positions for society. I may not agree with some of these positions, but it’s not about what I like and what I don’t like, when you judge, you judge based on what it is and what it would like to be what it is.

So Radio Arbyla returned as renewed as needed and watching them last Monday – after three amazing advertising trailers of theirs that ANT1 had produced – as they satirized a current situation and at some moments even a current situation that has passed and is no longer current, I understood how much it is important to persevere and remember what happened because every new day cannot give forgiveness to previous ones. Of course, Radio Arvyla was also lucky because what happened in the last five or six months in this country and not only in this country will be remembered for years and so they had bread even if it wasn’t hot, it was fresh.

I have nothing else to say, because what I have to say is that I have written many times in the past years all this about the Arvyla Radio team – led of course by Antonis Kanakis – and they, I confess, have done nothing all these years to make me regret what I have written and said in the past.

With great joy in a year barren of joy on Greek television, Radio Arvyla is a real oasis.

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Jason Triantafyllidis

Iason Triantafyllidis is a journalist and film and theater critic. He has so far written 20 books on the history of Greek cinema, night, song and musicals and biographical books of Greek cinema people. He has been writing since 1985 in newspapers, magazines, and has made broadcasts on radio, television, and recently on the Internet. He has edited reissues of old material on CD, for people such as Aliki Viougiouklakis, Jenny Vanou, Sofia Vembo, Marinella, Tolis Voskopoulos, Yiannis Spartakos, the entire film work of Nikos Mamagakis, a special tribute to the history of the song in Greek cinema etc. On television, he has done MEGA’s first morning Cocktail, shows with interviews, tributes, monographs, he was on the jury of “Na ini sharizi”, a commentator on STAR news and a political show with Olga Tremi on MEGA. Of course, this time he writes articles for and for the “Newspaper of the Editors”. He does a daily show from 15:00 to 16:00 on Athens 9.84 entitled “Athens, can you hear me?”

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