Chaos in the Breakfast: Pieridis in Liaga – “Whenever you want, I come to discuss who exposes who… In general”


“The production company it belongs to does not let you go to “hostile broadcasts”, said Giorgos Liagas

Her Marianda Pieridis was met by the journalist Faii Fotou and the Proinos camera, after the walk with Dimitris Katrivesis, shortly after we learned about the serious crisis in their relationship.

The statements of Marianda Pieridis

Initially, the Marianta Pieridi he made it clear: “I don’t want you to ask me about my personal affairs” and then turned to Giorgos Liagas: “If you want, it would be very interesting to discuss a situation from the male side. Whenever you want, I’ll come so we can talk.”

THE Marianta Pieridi confirmed on camera about the YFSF proposal. “The offer is valid but since we are going to start the show, I want to be 100% focused on it, so I wouldn’t be able to participate. I like both the song and the presentation. I tried the second one this summer and it excited me, I would like to continue it. The song, also, in any other way except at night” he said characteristically.

Finally, the Marianta Pieridi she was asked again about her personal details and addressed to the camera and to Giorgos Liagas, he said: “George, whenever you want, I’ll come and we can talk about it. It would be very interesting to discuss who is exposing who… More generally. I think the girls there in the group didn’t want to answer you like you should. I love you”.

What did Giorgos Liagas answer to Marianda Pieridis?

Answer to what she said Marianta Pieridi gave by George Liagas in the “air” of the Morning. The presenter pointed out that the production company of Nikos Koklonis follows a specific tactic regarding how the persons who belong to its potential move on television.

More specifically, Mr George Liagass said: “There is a company called Barking Well that is headed by Mr Nikos Koklonis. It makes a mistake for me, e.g. ANT1 as a group has chosen ANT1’s faces to appear first on ANT1’s broadcasts and then on the other channels.

There is an omerta in Barking Well, as if Venice had lost a needle, and the people of Barking Well are banned from our own show. We are a button on the TV. I have extended an invitation my Marianda to come here and every time I extend an invitation I see you on a Barking Well show.

It is not my fault that you do not come, nor is it my fault that I do not want you to come. We are happy to have invited you and I hope that now you will break this inner thing you have – where you don’t let people from the company go to other shows that you consider hostile – and come here whenever you want to talk about both your professional and personal matters”.

Then, Mr George Liagass he said: “When at some point the Marianta Pieridi publicized the problem in her marriage, she basically put the cameras in her life. When you do 15 interviews after that, you’ll publicly trash the reunion. This is what I said”.

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