Giorgos Karamichos: “My son did not want to go back to school in America because…”

Giorgos Karamichos: “My son did not want to go back to school in America because…”
Giorgos Karamichos: “My son did not want to go back to school in America because…”

Giorgos Karamichos was invited to Eleni Menegaki and talked about everyone and everything. Referring to what has changed in the last 10 years in his life, he said that not much has changed.

“I live in the center of Athens, where we have had projects since January, users are coming, we all know where they shop, but nothing is being done. We hope something changes. My daughter is 10 years older now. In these 10 years, another child was born who is now 10 years old, Angel Diego John.”

As he said, he likes to keep his personal life out of the public eye while he also talked about the health problem he faced.

“I went to have my daughter do some tests and my insurance company told me to do a chest x-ray as well. The doctor saw something and told me we should look into it. I still see things very differently. As soon as the final biopsy came out and we saw that there was nothing else, I took a breath. Then there was a negotiation with other people, because the masks fall. It’s necessary to set limits, that’s something I’m learning now.”

The beloved actor, talking about the fact that he grew up in nature, said that when you grow up very close to nature, you depend on nature so you know that survival is something you experience every day.

“It is good to remember that we are mortal and that we are the same as everything in nature. Fortunately, my parents taught me to work. I can’t understand the people who stay I don’t have a job. It is another thing to claim your salary, your studies and your rights. This must continue and we must reach European standards. Especially in the labor sector we have lost the ball in the last 20 years. Especially for artists there is no concern. When I left for America I understood why there is a rant that we are weird. It’s crazy abuse not knowing if you’re going to get paid. The Greek actors are paid some months later. I came back with the pandemic and since then I have been working for companies that operate, like in Great Britain”.

Giorgos Karamichos also spoke about the “evils” abroad.

“It wasn’t ideal abroad. I never wanted to be in Hollywood. My child was there and when we came to Greece with the pandemic, the little one didn’t want to go back. We enrolled him in an American school. When I had taken him to school in America, he told me, “Dad, I don’t want to stay because I’m afraid someone will come with a gun to kill us.” Every two months they are given a drill on how to react if someone comes in armed. What also scared me is that all my classmates had prescription drugs.”

The actor said that one of the reasons he left Greece was that he was tired of wasting time on jobs that were not his competence, while he also talked about the TV show he presents.

“It was never my idea to present a game show. I don’t have a TV at home, but I get hooked when I watch. I really like board games. I have been offered other games and I had said no. And to that, no I was thinking of saying. Then I thought about it because it’s ERT and I say to make the appointment and then why not. The producer put the game on and I was hooked. It combines all the elements that I like. After the second day, I started to relax.”

Giorgos Karamichos said that his first time on television was on “Red Circle”. “The first series was “Runaway”. The following year, I was taken by Haris Romas for ”Kaffe tis Charas”. On December 1, the series “Desert Country” will be released on ERT.

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