Vassilis Koukouras is moved: “I would like some eyes to see me in a show, of course they see me”


A guest on the show “Let’s go to Danai” was Mr Vasilis Koukouras, who gave a full interview to Danai Barkas and Aris Kavatzikis. Among other things, the actor talked about his personal life, but he also mentioned his parents who have passed away.

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Vassilis Koukouras on his death and personal life

“Death is what shook me in my life. Death is a very big message. I have lost people early in my life, people and that shocked me…I lost my mother early and relatively early I also lost my father. I would like their eyes to see me in every performance. I may see them, they certainly see me. Maybe I’m not yet capable of seeing them see me. I know that they see me reasonably”, said initially Vasilis Koukouras and continued about his personal life:

“And I have educated and I have been educated. The point is that I myself have understood what I have educated and whom, so that I myself can educate myself and face my selfishness. This is the meaning of life at all levels of relationships, especially romantic ones, but it’s not just these relationships, it’s the friendly, the professional, the family ones.”

The article is in Greek

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