“Matthew Perry Didn’t Accept Chandler Cheating on Monica”


In an interesting and possibly touching revelation for fanatical fans of “Friends”, but also of the recently deceased Matthew Perry, the actress Lisa Cash, who had participated in an episode of the legendary sitcom, went forward.

Cass, during the show’s 5th season in 1999, had played the flight attendant who meets Ross and Rachel in the episode “The One in Vegas: Part 1».

However, in an interview with TMZ, the actress reveals that she was originally meant to play the employee of a hotel with which the Chandler Bing – the hero played by Matthew Perry – cheats on Monica (Courtney Cox), after a fight between them.

“The scene was as follows: Chandler and Monica fight in VegasChandler goes up to the hotel room, calls room service, and I, playing the hotel clerk, meet him. There we end up talking, laughing and getting close. Eventually, Chandler would cheat on Monica with my heroine».

According to Kass, this version of the script had arrived shortly before her final shoot, until she was told that Perry had made it clear to the show’s writers that “Friends” audiences would never forgive Chandler’s character if they saw him cheating on Monica. Cass admits that such a thing could have overturned the entire course of the series and its heroes.

Source: Variety

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