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“This particular moment crossed the line, it’s insulting to Mikroutsikos”


What has happened between you Andreas Mikroutsikos and Light and the outburst against her Super Katerina from the Nana Palaitsakis they commented on her show Fays Skordaswith the presenter taking a stand.

Fai Scordas commented: “This is becoming an issue. This confrontation has been the subject of other times. Isn’t it in the nature of the show (s.s. Super Katerina) that the confrontation of Mikroutsikos with any Light is part of the theme?” and then emphasized:

“Obviously, they are doing well because they are doing well in terms of numbers. They have this specific subject matter that becomes person-centered, with their own controversies… This is the nature of the show, they do well, no one will judge it, the world judges and in the end they see or don’t see something. It’s just that the specific moment, the specific words from the specific person were too much, it was like there was a line, they crossed the line. It’s not just TV, then there is a respect for a person. It’s not to put everything in the same bag just for this one.

Maybe there should be a filter there. No one can be the editor-in-chief of a show, because the world is the one who chooses. But this particular moment, humanly, professionally and out of respect alone and age has nothing to do with it, is not nice. It’s insulting because you host a person who curses you.”

Fai Skordas even emphasized that this particular moment exceeded the limits.

See more in the video below:

The article is in Greek

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