Loud message for people with Down syndrome in Alpha’s “Doctor”.

Loud message for people with Down syndrome in Alpha’s “Doctor”.
Loud message for people with Down syndrome in Alpha’s “Doctor”.

Loxandra Loukas and Alexandros Hatsios “invaded” Alpha’s “The Doctor” series. The touching message for people with Down syndrome.

A very touching episode of the series “The doctor” we watched Monday night (6/11) through the Alpha frequency.

The actors Loxandra Lucas and Alexander Hatsios made their own way through the series, sending an important message for people with Down syndrome.

Stella was taken to the hospital where Andreas works after a fainting episode. The doctors examine her and try to figure out what’s going on.

During the exam they learn that their colleague, Michalis, has a twin sister. This is Stella.

Everyone is stunned, as they have known Michalis for many years and he has never told them. Shortly after, Stella reveals to her brother that she is in a relationship with a boy from the facility where she is staying and that they will soon get married.

It is noted that Loxandra Loukas was the first actress with Down syndrome to participate in a performance at the ancient theater of Epidaurus.

Loxandra comes from Thessaloniki and is the daughter of the actress Eleni Dimopoulou and the Australian stage designer, Richard Anthony. She has taken part in the performance of the National Theater “Fuente Ovejuna” by Lope de Vega, directed by her mother, and also in performances of the group “En Dynamei”, a theater collective of young disabled artists. In the show “Horses in Love” by this group, which was presented again this year as part of the Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture, a truly shocking performance.

Last summer, Loxandra participated in the women of the Dance in “Troades” directed by Christos Sougaris on behalf of KTHBE.

Speaking to News 24/7 and Georgia Economou, Loxandra Loukas had said about the experience of Epidaurus: “It is a very large and important theater. I remember we had to climb a lot of steps to see a show. All actors are important. Is not that right; I have a little anxiety. And I want to do well and do everything right.”

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In 2021 she was also the first actress with Down syndrome to perform at the National Theatre.

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