Sofia Hatzipanteli’s gesture and how Ramona “slaughtered her with the glove”

Sofia Hatzipanteli’s gesture and how Ramona “slaughtered her with the glove”
Sofia Hatzipanteli’s gesture and how Ramona “slaughtered her with the glove”

Her presence made a “noise”. Ramona Vladis as a guest judge on the show “My Style Rocks‘, who returned to the fashion reality set six years after her big win. Her presence in the game played an important role in viewership numbersas these were uploaded, but it did not make Sofia Hatzipanteli happy at all.

In the episodes of Friday (27/10) and Monday (30/10) Ramona Vladis was on the jury of the fashion reality showin the company of Sofia Hatzipanteli and Stelios Koudounaris, since Dimitris Skoulos had to be absent due to illness.

In Friday’s episode (27/10) things went smoothly and the “climate” in the jury seemed to be quite friendly to the face of Ramona Vladis, in second episode however a comment he made caused the model to “explode”. and judge of SKA’s fashion game.

It was preceded by a comment from a player of the fashion competition, when she mentioned that she wants to speak better Greek to approach her mother-in-law, to be followed by an intense dialogue between the two ladies of the jury of the SKAI fashion reality show.

  • Ramona Vladis: And so do we. We want more elevated words in Greek.
  • Sofia Hatzipanteli: She laughs at herself. Don’t pay attention to her. You’re talking to me.
  • RB: Her Greek is better, do you understand?
  • SH: I don’t speak Greek well and I am in this position.
  • RB: I thought you had a sense of humor but.
  • SH: If you want to see my humor, don’t worry, wait until you see it.
  • RB: I’m waiting.

At the end of the episode and after she greeted Katerina Karavatou and thanked her for the hospitality, videos were released on social media showing Sofia Hadjipanteli making an obscene gesture towards her using her fingers.

Ramona Vlantis responds about the gesture of Sofia Hatzipanteli

The fans of Ramona Vladis, like everyone who saw the episode, wondered why this gesture was made against her and she wanted to give her answer. As she said: “I’m only responsible for how I behave, so I can’t answer you! It’s sad for her to behave like this!”

Ramona Vladis responds to a comment on Instagram

Ramona Vladis: “Sofia Hatzipanteli needs love, she has something in her…”

Ramona Vladi spoke today, Wednesday (1/11) on the show “Mega Good Morning” about her appearance as a guest judge on “My Style Rocks”, revealing that in the first episode she cried, while – as expected – she also mentioned the controversy with Sofia Hatzipanteli.

“I have given my soul to My Style Rocks. I felt vindicated. All this love melted me.” Then she talked about her coexistence and her conflict with Sofia Hatzipanteli in the reality show. “Off camera I didn’t have the luck and the honor to meet Sofia Hatzipanteli up close on the set. I don’t like it stylistically” said Ramona Vladis.

As for her tension caused on the set and the inelegant gesture that Sofia Hatzipanteli made herRamona Vladis explained that she thought it was funny and thought it would be cut in the edit.

“Because I’m a foreigner and my Greek isn’t perfect, that’s why I made this joke. I can talk about my own behavior, I can’t talk about other people’s behavior, it’s none of my business. Hatzipanteli does not know about fashion, the models are “hangers”.

“I don’t want any woman to feel threatened. This girl needs love, she has something in her… I felt sorry, not for me, for her, because she was exposed. It didn’t touch me at all. I don’t want to believe that they intentionally left it out of production,” he added. Finally, Ramona Vladis left open the possibility of returning to the game in the role of judge of “My Style Rocks».

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