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They lose immunity and send the second gladiator to leave


The victory of the blue team in the prize test on Tuesday 31/10 at Farm instead of satisfaction it brought grumbling among the players. The choice of the leader Elena Karamvasis to grant immunity to Giorgos Tsamis and in this way to send him to the final ten of the rural reality show, found everyone opposed.

In particular, Elena Karambasi went against the opinion of her team and gave immunity to Giorgos Tsamis, considering that she owed him because when he left he named her leader.

So this decision became the occasion to create two camps in the blue team, with some supporting Elena and some strongly disagreeing with her decision and the fact that she did not respect the “want” of the team.

In addition, Penelope Orfanoudaki’s serious accusation against Nikos Parlandzas, for the way he treated the cow, a fact, however, which was not confirmed by any of the players who were in front of the incident, makes the atmosphere even worse.

In the episode of Wednesday 1/11, Giorgos Giannakidis is disturbed by both Elena’s decision and the accusation made against Nikos. Elena tries to assign new responsibilities to the team and divide positions, but this does not agree with the rest of the players.

The tension continues in the stable between Elena and Nikos, as the latter seems to be equally disappointed with her attitude as well as the fact that she lied to him about the first gladiator, choosing to send Eleonora to the exit trial. No one seems to be taking a step back and fights are constantly rekindling.

Later, Leonidas Koutsopoulos welcomes the Farma players for the 2nd Immunity Test. There, the players of the blue team cannot keep all that concerns them inside and share their thoughts, in relation to the tensions within the teams.

The test starts with the players holding, with the help of ropes, a suspension bridge. One player from the team climbs the bridge and tries to catch different puzzle pieces, which are hanging from above. The first team to complete the puzzle three times is the one who gets the victory and a very tasty prize.

Christos Gyzelis gives a unique moment, which makes everyone burst into laughter and relieves the explosive atmosphere for a while! Shortly after, Elena breaks down in tears because of the situation at home and finds comfort next to George and Penelope, who are the only ones from her group who are on her side.

Eleonora Kesidou, who was designated as the first gladiator, will be asked to choose the second. Will she find herself in the difficult position of nominating someone from her team, or will she ultimately choose from the opposition? Will Leonidas Koutsopoulos finally visit the house or the scene? Who or what will spend the night in the gladiators’ cottages together with Eleonora?

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