The ‘Julia Consul’ spoiler, Brody’s resemblance and difficult childhood


THE Tasos Lekkas, he is charming, kind with a beautiful smile and an innate sense of humor! But he is also profoundly talented. An artist from birth. He arrived for our okmag interview half an hour early and despite being only 28, he has a distinct maturity and all the signs of being the next big star in theater and television.

This year we enjoy Tasos Lekka in his popular series Alpha “The Consul of Julia”, to perfectly portray Rigas, the irritable brother of Iulia (Eugenia Xygorou) and son of Stasa (Elisabet Moutafi). Last year we met him as Tasso in the series “This night stays”.

Today Tasos Lekkas talks to okmag about the role of Rigas in “Julia’s Consul” he gives spoilers and talks with passion and love about his art of acting. “My dream was to become an actor and live from my work and I succeeded! I feel lucky and blessed” he tells us lowering his gaze while we will add in addition to luck, his talent and his hard work.

Tasos Lekkas, who realized from just 3 years old that he wanted to be an actor, talks to okmag about his mother Georgia, who helped him pursue his dream and the difficulties they faced as a single parent. What does it say about his love of painting, the love of the world on his face and his striking resemblance to Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody? He is in love;

Watch the entire delightful interview of Tasos Lekkas in the video below:

The role of Rigas in “Julia’s Consulate and the Spoiler

Talk about Riga’s role in Julia’s Consul to Alpha

Rigas is a character that fortunately we do not look alike. He is irritable, very violent, hits and hits. So I had to make a march to meet Rigas. Besides, when you’re called Riga or playing cards you’ll be or something weird… (laughs)

will you give us a spoiler for the Consulate? We saw that the young daughter of Stasinopoulos is courting Rigas… Will something happen between them?

The daughter of Stassinopoulos looks at him fondly. Rigas has his misgivings, but at some point, Rigas will start looking at her differently…

We have had issues with Grigoris for a long time. She is from Razini. This is how his mother Stasa (Elisavet Mutafi) has raised Rigas to hate the Razinides from an early age. We will have many surprises with Julia. Everything happens to this girl (laughs).

The cast of the series “The Consul of Julia” in the first reading!

The weakness of his mother who raised him alone and her support for his dream.

I have heard you speak fondly of your mother. He passionately supported you in your decision to become an actor from what you tell me.

My mother supported me in acting and I give it to her. She deserves it because she was alone. She raised me by herself. I come from a single parent family. And unfortunately because there is no state aid for single-parent families, it was difficult.

You look amazingly like Adrien Brody, although you’re prettier (laughs). Do you see this?

I’ve been listening to it all my life every day. (laughs). “Aaaah, you remind me of the pianist.” It doesn’t annoy me to be told that, it just makes me tired. But I recognize the similarity.

Adrian Brody and Tasos Lekkas! Photo source: Mega Agency /Alpha

I saw on Instagram that you draw.

Painting is a great love of mine. I am self taught, but I want to take lessons. I used to paint with pencil and charcoal but for the last 12 years I have been painting with oil. It relaxes me, it decompresses me. Lately, after something happened in my life, I’ve stopped painting a bit…

What is your relationship with love?

There is a man in my life and I am fine. The important thing is to allow ourselves to this feeling. Its very nice.

His role in the play “The word progress in my mother’s mouth sounded very false” at the Bellos Theater

“The word progress in my mother’s mouth sounded very wrong” This is the name of the play you are starring in at the Bellos theater.

It’s a mind-blowing piece of work. It deals with human relations. They are a couple looking to bury the body of their dead son. The son I play is present but they don’t hear him. Just like it often happens with children who talk to their parents but they don’t listen, they don’t understand.

When did you feel like you were going to be an actor?

I was only 3 years old! My mother took me to see Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. I was so impressed that I told her I want to be like him! A few months later my mother enrolled me in a theater group and since then I haven’t stopped playing theater! I have been playing theater for 23 years straight!

Info: @tasoslekkas_ We enjoy Tasos Lekka in the Alpha series “The Consulate of Julia” every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 22:40 on Alpha, while starring in the show “The word progress in my mother’s mouth, it sounded very false” every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Bellos Theater.

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