Exclusive – Mary Chronopoulou: This is her will


The will of our great actress was published today Mary Chronopoulouwhich has been discussed a lot in the last few days with various speculations prevailing.

okmag secured the copy of the will of the unforgettable Mary Chronopoulou which was made public today by the Magistrate’s Court. According to the will – which was drawn up on October 4, 2013 by the notary Andromachi Gikas Mantzarakis – the beloved actress Mary Chronopoulou leaves her parental home at 229 Acharnon Street to Lamara Lomtatze, her housekeeper for 13 years, while her home in Koropi Attica where she lived until the end of her life to the “Smile of a Child” organization».

The will was published by the notary who took over the case, Angeliki Acheimastou. It should be noted that in the will, Mary Chronopoulou mentions that her domestic helper supported her for 13 whole years in all her difficulties and operations and emphasized that she has a special moral duty.

See the public will of Mary Chronopoulou:

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