TV presenter Kosmas Vrotsos introduces himself to us


Theodosis Phylaktos where we know him in the ANT1 series The Witch as Vrotso gave a revealing interview and revealed things about the series and about himself.

Nice actor though…

Theodosis Phylaktos spoke to Hello magazine and talked about his new television role. The television Kosmas Vrotsos from the ANT1 drama series The Witch introduces herself.

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Kosmas is responsible for the security of the Laskarai tower. He is tough, devoted to Michael and his family, and is the one who initially conducts all the investigations into the missing infant.


“I am Kosmas Vrotsos, a pirate from Mani and guard of the Laskaras. I run for anything that happens, I relentlessly search for the killers and I am loyal to the Laskaris family.

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Cosmas is a wild guy of that time, 1817, but he is moral and has values, he can sacrifice himself for his masters – and he is not as wild as he appears, he has sensibilities.”

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Theodosis Phylaktos – The Witch: The place I come from has a history of piracy

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“I really like the switching of situations and emotions, all the changes I experience through acting. Also, I always want to give my personal look at what I encounter in each role.”


“The place where I come from has a history of piracy and when I found out that in “Magissa” I will play the pirate Maniati, I liked it, I had a point of reference.”

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She paints, designs and sews!

Painting is his second passion and is channeled into limited-edition T-shirts and exclusive jackets, while he has created his own brand, f/1618, with socks.

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The article is in Greek

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