The castings and statements of former stars

The castings and statements of former stars
The castings and statements of former stars

Casting for The Fighters has begun and, as revealed on ‘Fay’s Time’, thousands of resumes of people up to 40 years old are on Ajun Media. After the first clarification, the production company invited the people it selected in the first stage to go to the second stage of the interview.

Survivor will definitely not be all star, but it will have a team of Fighters and Celebrities with the possibility of seeing some entries from old players.

Things are also changing on the financial side, since Ajun Ilijali decided this year not to generously give large sums and to be more “tight” in player compensation.

Survivor – Which players will never go to Santo Domingo again

Whatever they wanted Stathis Schiza, back in Santo Domingo, he said recently: “I regretted my participation in Survivor, I didn’t like the people who were with me in the game.”

“I’ve already been on Survivor twice, I’ve lost a year or so of my life over there. I find it a bit difficult to go to the next one as well”, said Giorgos Asimakopoulos in turn.

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