The 4 of the dice and the… serial of secret meetings – Watch video

The 4 of the dice and the… serial of secret meetings – Watch video
The 4 of the dice and the… serial of secret meetings – Watch video

However, the revelation that Karolina-Marios and Marialena-Sakis sneak away and go to an abandoned hut to see each other since they belong to different groups, has disturbed most of their teammates.

Stella, in a conversation she had with Melina in the hut, said that she is not interested in the relationship of everyone in there, but she does not want the whole group to pay the price, as Giorgos Lianos warned her.

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Aphrodite and Asimina seem to have the same opinion. “We don’t care about your love, we want to eat” said Aphrodite referring to Saki-Marialena and Mario Priamos-Carolina.

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However, Carolina, who has found herself in the eye of the storm after what was revealed about her secret dates with Mario Priamos in the jungle, declares that her own team is cooler than the Reds and that the Blues take it a bit too fun some topics.

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Regarding the voting, Eleni Haberi who did not come out for one vote felt annoyed that 5 of her teammates… blackmailed her in the ballot box, while on the contrary Spyros Martikas who received 6 votes and is for the 2nd time a candidate to leave does not seem to he is particularly concerned, since last year he broke the record of 12 nominations.

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Out of teeth, Stavroula Chrysaeidi spoke about the voting tactics and the clique that four boys and one girl have created.

“After yesterday’s council, I have one thing to say: You’re out of your mind. This. Only this, we really see so many who say we will vote competitively, we want players who are weak in the taco to come out, that the strong ones don’t come out to win immunities, food”… nothing. This is what I see, four boys and one girl have become a group and they vote for me women, which women bring the most points. So now we’re going to go completely crazy,” said the player of the Red team.

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Nikos Bartzis also seems to be furious, but not with the votes but with Sakis Katsoulis, as he sees “concoctions” behind his movements in the game. Of course, he said that they will not succeed because they have done it in the 2021 Survivor together with James Cafetzis and Anna Maria Vellis.

“They made them up, the way they wanted me to look like the obsessive one. They go to cook again and we saw it in ’21 too, when three people, me, James and Anna Maria beat the opposing team by ourselves. Because the children had gone on strike and had cooked the whole scene. But then we won. If the scene is repeated now, let’s see. Are we going to win or not?’ said Nikos Bartzis on Survivor.

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The players of the two teams briefly left behind the cliques, love encounters and votes to fight for the “household basket” that would be the prize of the winners of the 3rd immunity competition.

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Katerina Dalaka was once again out of the match as the doctor recommended her to continue her treatment, which the player herself did not take very well as she wanted to compete. But the health problem she faced did not allow her.

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The Blues are tied 1-1 in immunity and took a breather on Monday, but the overall score is 6-4 in favor of the Reds, who have also won most of the food prizes. So they wanted not only to take the household basket with them but also to avoid the double nomination.

So they entered strongly and with Takis they opened the score.

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But Bartzis equalized and showed that the task of the blues will not be easy. Stella made it 2-1 for the Fighters and Bartzis responded again, with Papadopoulos putting the Reds ahead 3-2.

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The two teams went hand in hand in the score until 8-8.

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Stavroula defeated Ria for the Reds 9-8 and Stathis beat Chris for the final 10-8 giving the 3rd immunity to the Famous and forcing the Fighters to look for their other two candidates.

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After the end of the match, Sakis Katsoulis and Marialena Roumeliotis had a short dialogue. The Reds player humorously told his partner: “Hadambakis told me not to eat garlic. I tell him “since he won’t let me see her I will eat garlic”.
“Stop talking about food, I’ve been fasting for so many days” answered Marialena Roumeliotis.

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The defeat of the Blues again brought grumbling on their beach with Takis arguing with Asimakopoulos, while at the same time there was a culinary orgasm on the red beach.

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However, despite the hunger and the complaints, the “Machitris” said to do their beaute before the council of the island.

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The two groups met again in the Council with the Reds making their assessments of what they expected the Blues to vote for.

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Of course, the menu did not miss the mention of the secret meetings with Chris Stamoulis, adding fuel to the fire.

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At the ballot box, Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva with 5 votes was the first to go out.

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For the 2nd candidate of the Blues, the derby was played between Kostas Anagnostopoulos and George Asimakopoulos, with the latter receiving one more vote than the “Pirate” and completing the top four, which also includes Takis Karagounias and Spyros Martikas.

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