Do you remember the “curse” with couples having breakfast together? Hatzidou responded epically to her

Do you remember the “curse” with couples having breakfast together? Hatzidou responded epically to her
Do you remember the “curse” with couples having breakfast together? Hatzidou responded epically to her

Eteocles Pavlou and Eleni Hatzidou are a fearless duo – literally – since they decided to have breakfast together. And you know what they say about couples who tried: they broke up.

Do you remember exactly what happens every time a real-life couple decides to team up on the morning zone? We end up getting divorced. It is not only Fai Skorda and Giorgos Liagas who made the mistake, neither Petros Kostopoulos with Jeni Balatsinou, nor even Krateros Katsoulis with Katerina Karavatou.

Couples who have breakfast together break up

If you add to these couples the collaboration of the two former best friends Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Maria Bakodimos at Mega’s breakfast, who are no longer on speaking terms (inside information says the two friends stopped talking when they were again suggested to have breakfast together), you understand that we are talking about an informal curse that follows those who work together on a morning show.

And summer came, Star announcing Eteocles Pavlou’s collaboration with her Eleni Hatzidou at the Star breakfast. The couple had worked together at the Open but on a midday show.

“Star is pleased to announce the start of its collaboration with Eleni Hatzidou and Eteocles Pavlou. A couple in life, a couple on TV as well, Eleni and Eteocles from the new TV season will take over the presentation of the daily, entertaining [email protected] They will welcome the television audience daily from the renewed set with the exactly the same mood, which they would do in their living room, with warmth, love, immediacy, positive attitude, honesty, relaxation, optimism! The Star welcomes Eleni Hatzidou and Eteocles Pavlou to its staff and wishes them strength and success!”, the station’s announcement had characteristically stated.

The exception that proves the rule

However, in this prejudice about breakfast and couples, Eleni Hatzidou shows in her recent q+a that she wants and will be the exception that confirms the rule, since as she explained the daily collaboration with her husband not only does not cause friction but it is an opportunity to meet with Eteocles, something that did not happen at home.

After all, Eleni has grown up with her parents as role models for her, who have been together for many decades now.

“My dad and mom have been together since 1968! That is, from children!
They met at a party where dad asked mom to dance and since then they have been inseparable… I have heard the story of how they met countless times and I never get tired of it… This year I decided instead of just celebrating their birthdays that they have the same month (12/8 the father and 28/8 the mother) to make them a cake for their love that lasts for so many years, on the subject of how they met!
The idea of ​​spending your whole life with someone scares you.

Hadjidou and Pavlou welcomed their first baby into the world on September 2, 2019. On September 4, 2021, Eleni Hadjidou and Eteocles Pavlou joined the sacred bonds of marriage and the ceremony took place at Polychoros Oneiros in the presence of friends and their relatives.

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