“I broke the law, interrogate me” – Michalis Leventogiannis as a sexy prosecutor becomes a trend on Twitter

Fans of the “Trapped” series have been impressed with the hot prosecutor Dimitris Marketos, played by Michalis Leventogiannis.

“The first thing I did when I got the script was to ask if there is a prosecutor in Greece who is my age,” he had said Michalis Leventogiannis for his new role in “Trapped”. The research showed that there are two, after all, in the Greek judiciary. Fans of the series on Twitter, however, do not care about this and do not stop uploading epic comments about the appearance of the actor in his sur mesure suits and scribbling offenses to be virtually in his office. The actor automatically became a trend and a sequel is expected with the series’ constant twists and turns.

All guilty and no one innocent

Michalis Leventogiannis has a penchant in recent years for roles that have to do with honesty, the right and the just. As a policeman in “Erotas Meta” and as a caretaker in “Aggeliki” he was unstoppable. Don’t think in his personal life either, it’s exactly the same. The psychoanalysis he did at some point in his life helped him, as he has stated in an interview, to clarify some things very well within himself and especially to learn about himself: “In telling myself the truth. As hard as it is. The therapy helped me learn to control emotions, behaviors, actions, reactions.”

Before studying acting, the actor studied marketing and had similar experience on his resume, before completely changing his professional orientation. In marketing himself, however, he is characterized by introversion. He rarely gives interviews and declares that he is lonely, but without liking loneliness. Even about his personal life, we know absolutely nothing, because he neither goes public, nor does he want to be the subject of discussion about his connections.


But the women adore him in every television appearance and already with the premiere of the series “trapped” they clearly show it to him. With the talented young actress Martha Lambiri Fedorov who is his partner, as the show’s charming lawyer, they already make a pretty cool TV duo. Their chemistry will surely lead to a TV romance in the sequel episodes.

At the moment, they both have to manage the murder of the lawyer’s sister, the involvement of the prosecutor’s brother, but also his father, as we saw in the sneak preview of today’s episode. No one is innocent and everyone is suspect. And the family dilemma that Marketos has to face is already big.

The style and style of Michalis Leventogiannis wearing his suits is already causing a stir on social media. “Sin and crime together” as they write in their epic comments. Check out some of what they tweeted yesterday.

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