“The one that got in there in the middle, bad”

“The one that got in there in the middle, bad”
“The one that got in there in the middle, bad”

THE Lakis Gavalaswas at the “Fashion tv World’s Excellence Gala” in the center of Athens, spoke to the television cameras and mentioned both at the premiere GNTMas well as in Marina Patoulis.

Enough with the sleaze I see, hear and reproduce. A pity because they are two children, Tasos and Karavas who have knowledge, with a hysterical one in the middle. The one that got in there in the middle, badly. Vicky is a nice girl, but I think I prefer her standingLakis Gavalas initially reported.

Following his statements, the fashion designer commented on her statements Marinas Patoulis on the fashion reality show: “If Mrs. Patoulis considers them trash, let her come out with the broom and the farasi to clean them».

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