Sofia Hatzipanteli is much more than her unibrow

Sofia Hatzipanteli is much more than her unibrow
Sofia Hatzipanteli is much more than her unibrow

Judging by what was published on social mediaduring its early episodes GNTM 5there must not have been a few who did not know who she was Sophia Hatzipanteli. Most, however, loved her. That is why we will meet her.

Don’t see her as reactionary and think that anyone who doesn’t know her is misunderstanding. As she made clear on Tuesday 21/9 she has a very big problem (she gets angry) when someone says they want to be a model and she has no idea about this market. All the others pass by – we are relieved of the responsibilities.

Hatzipanteli has baptized the unibrow

Data n Greek Cypriot won the impressions at the premiere of his TV show Stars, as is usually the case with fresh – to the Greek public – faces that have special features (yes, I’m referring to the eyebrow) and allegro character.

By the way, there was a time when the eyebrow it wasn’t one. It became her innovation, as Vicky Kaya keeps saying (by the way, the Greek word is ‘innovation’), when the naturally blonde Sophia accidentally dyed it black. Always, however, he had a middle eyebrow”like everyone in my family. For us it was something ordinary, normal. That inspired me.

The great relationship I have with my family has helped me ignore society and focus on the people who care about me.

My parents taught me and my brother to value our brains, learning, and being good people. This mindset gave me the ‘thick’ skin” I have today.

In the Mediterranean, we are hairy people. Everyone in the house had thick, beautiful eyebrows, and I was tired of grooming them—pulling them out, maintaining them, filling them in. One day I saw a video on YouTube of someone dyeing their eyebrows black. My brother had commented that this would be something that would work for me“. And he tried it.

The unibrow also has a name: it is called Veronica.This was after a friend suggested I give a nickname. It’s funny how people take my unibrow so seriously“.

The public’s response to Hatzipanteli also raises a question, as to why the channels avoid new faces – and we see the same ones over and over again. But this is a discussion for another time.

“To love yourself, you have to know what it’s like to hate yourself”

She has two agencies representing her (one in the UK and one in the US) and has appeared in more than 50 media worldwide, including publications such as Vogue, Ella, Harpers Bazaar, New York Times and Vanity Fair. He has also done catwalk.

Born on May 25, 1997 in Cyprus, has a height of 1.68. Which you don’t call the height of a classic model – at least in the broadest sense of the term, since there are 100 subcategories and therefore at least one for everyone.

He grew up in Maryland (“where I felt like I didn’t belong”) and went back and forth to England, Cyprus and the USA.

Her parents (her mother is a photographer and buyer for Harrods and her father an accountant) only spoke Greek at home. Her father left Cyprus during the invasion. His destination was the USA. He had nothing in his possession. Not only did he survive, but he also raised a family. “I will never be able to understand what all immigrants really go through. My family lost everything and that is why I primarily feel Greek Cypriot“.

As a child he loved painting. It was her way outfrom scary people” he said in an interview with the British magazine Phoenix, where she explained that as a teenager she was the victim of bullying, not because of the unibrow. Or more correctly not only for the unibrow, but also for her clothes.

I had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It was the time when I was trying to figure out who I was. During school breaks I would eat lunch in the toilet and cry about what I was going through. I was looking for a place to vent and that’s how he met painting, which came as a gift from heaven. Then I also changed my style and from what my mother – a member of the fashion industry – suggested to me, I switched to cheap options, leather, jackets with patterns – to everything I could channel my teenage angst”.

The more her classmates bothered her, the more she burst out stylistically. Latex became her favorite material.

She had already started to ‘build’ her career on Instagram, with her ‘moment’ being a selfie that ‘landed’ on Explore. A barrage of comments and messages followed.

At 15, she started modeling. At 18, she did the first campaign for her unique style – she was sure that she would follow her mother’s career. From Great Britain he went to the USA to study marketing at the University of Maryland. Her audience continued to grow. This had positives, but it also had negatives.

As he said in BBC in 2018, the black unibrow came about after a mistake. He continued to paint it black, since “I liked my picture. And I’m allowed to like my image, walk the streets, feel confident and love myself.”

In the Hunger TV emphasized that “i love myself and i feel great when i look in the mirror. Obviously there are moments when I see myself and say “I don’t like me. Assembled. I have a feeling that in order to love yourself, you need to know what it’s like to be hated.

I believe that today’s society is so focused on ‘breaking’ the box that it puts people back into it.

You can be body positive and love yourself and at the same time not like yourself and want to change you“.

In the Dazed added that “I decided to have these eyebrows for the same reason I was careful about my style at school: because all that matters is my preferences. If my childhood taught me anything, it was to love being different“. He also learned that above all else he values ​​honesty.

In the Harper’s Bazaar had specified that “I don’t do everything I do to show people how they should like my eyebrow. I do it to show them that they can go on with their lives, honoring a preference they have. I think my face looks better with unibrow. Some people disagree, which is totally cool.

I’m not trying to convince everyone to get unibrows. But since it’s something I like, let me have it. There are people who fill in their eyebrows, others who paint them. We all do what we think is beautiful for us. We just don’t agree on what that is.”

The snapshot that follows was created at the request of her audience. “I always loved Frida Kahlo and always thought she was beautiful. I remember doing a related project at school, before I even got the unibrow. After dressing up as Kahlo – who is the undisputed queen of unibrows – I felt even more confident. I’m not necessarily the most natural version of myself, but I do what I want“.

Because he doesn’t think she’s a hypocrite

Her presence in the fashion world was felt for the first series of Roberta Einer’s show at London Fashion Week. It was the moment that changed her life.

Then her movement started. It’s the unibrownmovement which, as its originator says, “redefines beauty. It normalizes what society pressures us to hide or make up. It’s a safe place for people who want to share something, but are afraid“.

She ‘built’ her career on this, constantly gaining more followers. Apparently he became the target of trolls. As he has said in The Cut she has also received threats to her life, as well as accusations of ‘cultural usurpation’ – that she is exploiting to make money, characteristics of other races.

“I’ve heard my eyebrow is disgusting. I don’t understand what’s wrong with facial hair? Or any other part of the body?

I have the impression that many people in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world can relate to what I believe about hair growth and not want to remove their hair. I want to push people to look at me, see the unibrow, think it’s weird – or how I should get rid of it – and say I’m still beautiful with this unattractive feature. Although I think it’s gorgeous too.

I never expected that my unibrow would have such an effect on people.”

At the same time, she had told other media that through her movement “we’re changing the way beauty is perceived, whether it’s about people who have a certain image. If it’s something they like, then they have every right to have the image they’ve chosen to have.

As people discovered who I was on social media, I received a lot of hate. Some have said I’m a hypocrite because I don’t pluck my eyebrows – while I groom all my other body hair. I shave my legs and underarms because I like the way my skin feels. But everyone tries to put me in a box. They don’t understand that I do whatever I want and that’s what I encourage them to do as well.

I wear make up because it’s fun and I have unibrow because it’s something I want. I do both because I like them. Because I embrace a physical expression of myself, my desire to improve other things about myself does not make me a hypocrite.”

If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to not listen to people who are mean to you. It’s something you don’t have to do. Just ignore them.

Because no one knows what dawns”I want to make sure that I am not defined by my appearance right now. I look at the unibrow as if it were a special eyeliner or red lipstick. In five years I might look back and say ‘what a fantastic time’. But until people start accepting others for that particular feature on their face, I won’t feel ready to take the next step“.

Until then, she will fight with Vicki Kaya and the other judges of GNTM 5, she will leave the shot – whenever she feels like it -, she will be cheeky – if she feels like it – and she will share her life experiences with those who tune in .

The article is in Greek

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