Maria Korinthiou: “Crazy” Maria Korinthiou lost… – – Sports News | News

Maria Korinthiou: “Crazy” Maria Korinthiou lost… – – Sports News | News
Maria Korinthiou: “Crazy” Maria Korinthiou lost… – – Sports News | News

Refreshed, impressive and as it should be… provocative, the famous actress wore her red dress and drove even the cameramen crazy!

Maria Korinthiou at her best! The beautiful actress for a few months has managed to radically change her appearance.

She lost all those extra pounds that were “bothering” her and started living a different lifestyle by following a proper diet that helps her maintain her great figure.

No, Maria Korinthiou never had a problem with her weight, just as she belonged and belongs to the most juicy women of Greek showbiz with attractive Mediterranean curves.

She even recently revealed that the reason she entered the process of losing weight was because she didn’t feel good about herself.

“Of course I lost weight, but I haven’t done anything to my face. I have healed my little soul. I entered a diet, because at the same time I entered meditation and I wanted to eliminate everything toxic that was around me. I decided to lose weight because I didn’t feel good about myself, I felt like a weight, an unnecessary one,” said Maria Corinthiou initially. “Thank God I have everything, my child, my family, my health. My family had a serious operation, I always said “everything will be fine”, added the actress.

So she lost the extra weight that made her feel bad and it’s worth seeing the big change in her body after losing the pounds through the photos she posted, from the upcoming TV interview!

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