The reality TV player Aspa Predari is said to star. The first statement

A new pink video made its appearance in the last few days and is spreading over the internet in which it is said to star Aspa Predari, a player we learned through the reality TV show of SKAI!

The former reality star herself indirectly took a stand.

Through her Instagram account, from which she deleted all the photos, she published a new one and wrote characteristics

I’m uploading this photo not because I feel like doing it, not to get likes or for ANYTHING!

The ONLY reason I’m doing it is to say through this that NOBODY has the right to violate my personal life as I wish!

So she allegedly admits that she is the one who stars in the particular video that is being spread and of course it would be good to punish the one who distributed the particular material!

We knew until now that the former survivor reality player was in a long-term relationship and in fact very much in love with her partner!

The video also seems to have been shot by the couple knowingly, for their personal use! What exactly happened and the video was released publicly It would be good to be investigated and punished properly!

After the many videos that were leaked recently by famous and non-famous women who reported the incidents, the penalties have been greatly increased and they should all be punished in an exemplary manner.

The article is in Greek

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