‘Those who have been hurt go to GNTM 5’: Twitter burns judges and former Survivor player

‘Those who have been hurt go to GNTM 5’: Twitter burns judges and former Survivor player
‘Those who have been hurt go to GNTM 5’: Twitter burns judges and former Survivor player

An ex of Vassalo’s, a woman who had two and three agencies representing her, and a mother and daughter wrapped up the second episode of GNTM 5.

In the GNTM 5 things have changed and we understood this from the first two episodes of the auditions that were shown on Star.

The conclusions that have been drawn from the new cycle of GNTM are many according to Twitter which for another night made spartan comments that last night exceeded 14 thousand.


One woman show

Vicky Kaya is not only back on the GNTM judging panel, she is the judging panel and if Vicky doesn’t say yes to give the pulse to the other three judges, no one moves on to the next round. Giorgos Karavas is definitely saved from the committee, the only one actually old in GNTM who raised his stature and yesterday also gave his own wild card to 18-year-old Athena.

With the scent of Survivor and Vassalo, Marie Rose:

In each round of GNTM, a player with a reality TV past appears. This time, 40-year-old Marie Rose with the skin of a twenty-year-old appeared on the reality model and of course Twitter spotted its first acquaintance with the player who got the judges’ yes for the next phase.

You see Marie Rose, we saw her in Survivor 2017, not as a player but as Constantinos Vassalo’s girlfriend, who had sent a message to the then Fighter who smiled awkwardly and was content to say “Goodbye Marie”.

Back in 2017, Marie Rose had been threatened with lawsuits, had gone on a Facebook rampage revealing private conversations, and told GNTM that she couldn’t pursue her modeling dream sooner because she had a difficult breakup and had to leave body building and lose about 30 kilos.

Somewhere there came the corresponding comments from Twitter. . .

However, after the mother and daughter who got the yes for GNTM and after the auditions full of pain, bitterness and sadness – tomorrow we also expect an audition with the scent of war in Ukraine – the public has understood that this year GNTM will be entered by those who have drama, lots of family drama.

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