Courteney Cox: Humorous Menopause Video and Tampon Ad | Marie Claire

Courteney Cox: Humorous Menopause Video and Tampon Ad | Marie Claire
Courteney Cox: Humorous Menopause Video and Tampon Ad | Marie Claire

Epic” one could describe the remake of the tampon commercial she did in 1985 at the age of just 21 and long before she became known as “Monica” in “Friends,” Courteney Cox.

In it we see her promoting packs of tampons. In fact, he became the first person to mention the word “period” on television – thus breaking a major taboo.

The now very popular actress decided to modify the specific commercial a bit and focus from the period to the menopause. Thus, we see her in a dressing room with a similar look to that of the first ad talking about the difficulties faced by women during menopause.

“My ad campaign needed an update,” she captioned the video, while we hear her say: “Has menopause completely changed your life? Are you still getting hot flashes? Menopause can make you feel old. Menopause is eating you alive. Nothing else can do that to you. It’s tragic. It also gives you extra bonuses of dry skin and hair loss. Remember, there’s nothing good about menopause.”

Comments under the post “rained down” with most of her followers applauding her words. In fact, in the post we see the two videos (that of the first ad and this year’s) being contrasted and the actress posing in the same way.

Check out her post:

THE Courteney Cox, it seems that she has now accepted the changes that time brings to her appearance. She had admitted in an interview that she was denying that she was growing and changing, which is why she was trying to maintain her youth with operations. “There are times when you’re like, ‘Oh. Change. I look older.” I tried to chase this youth for years and didn’t realize it. In fact, I look very strange when I have injections and various treatments on my face, which I would never do now.” he told the Sunday Times.

Main photo: Public profile Instagram profile @courteneycox

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