MEGA’s checkmate move with the series projection

This is a fiction week, with almost all series premiering on Greek television. Few are left to air, but one of them is the most awaited! ‘Maestro’ by Christoforos Papakaliatis will premiere in October, with MEGA making a move – checkmate, a sign of how much it believes (and needs) the series in question!

We remind you that the mini-series (9 episodes), with the background of Paxos, is the most expensive production on Greek television, by a long distance even from the second one. In addition, Maestro is also one step away from becoming the first Greek series to enter Netflix, with the discussions being at an advanced stage between the two sides.

Clelia Andriolatou and Christoforos Papakaliatis

Maestro: MEGA cuts web tv and platforms

MEGA, considering all the data, wants to preserve its product and decided to resort to an admittedly rare move. Who is she; ‘Maestro’ will be available only at its airtime and viewers won’t have another chance to see it again!

To be more clear, the series will not be available in web tv of MEGA, nor of course at youtube or to others streaming platforms. Let us remind you that the premiere of the series is scheduled for the end of October, with a more likely date of October 27!

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