Popi Malliotaki’s son grew up and “opens wings” – This is the serial in which he will star – News

Popi Malliotaki’s son grew up and “opens wings” – This is the serial in which he will star – News
Popi Malliotaki’s son grew up and “opens wings” – This is the serial in which he will star – News

We all know Popi Malliotaki through her long and multi-year career in singing. Despite the fact that she looks and is young, she also has a 22-year-old son, Vassilis Lazaridis, with whom they often make public appearances together, proving that they have a very good mother-son relationship. As he announced on his Instagram account, he is also preparing to enter the artistic field by participating in a new Alpha series.

And his mother may have wanted him to sing, but he will try his hand at acting. Presentable himself, he has inherited his mother’s genes, who is uncomplicated both in terms of age and in the plastic surgery she has done, as she recently confessed on a TV show.

In this serial we will see the son of Malliotakis, Vassilis Lazaridis

So, in a short time, Vassilis Lazaridis will make his first television appearance. The son of Popis Malliotakis, who is engaged in modeling and from time to time has occupied the media, while he was also a candidate for GNTM, is expected to star in the series “Doubts” of Alpha.

The revelation was made for the first time on Alpha’s morning show, Super Katerina by his mother, Popi Malliotakis. He himself had not spoken publicly until recently about his participation in the series but recently, making an Instagram story on his personal account, while he was reading the script.

We also met him through the GNTM auditions

At the castings of GNTM 3 we saw the son of Popis Malliotakis and the revelation was made by himself through the show Eftykhet. However, it seems that if he enters the house, he will leave his girlfriend behind for a while. We saw her face in one of his posts.

Vassilis Lazaridis is a fan of Instagram and every day he shares with his online friends various photos of him which attract thousands of likes. In fact, from them one can understand the reason why you wanted to enter the game in the first place. As, from now on she is posing like a model and she has a lot of it!

However, in one of his posts, we saw him posing with a dark-haired beauty, who, judging by the comments that have been made to him, is his girlfriend. The two posed in their swimsuits on the beach and the photo is impressive.

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