This is the TV producer who molested minors and filmed (Photos)

Following a relevant Order of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor’s Office, EL.AS made public the identity information, photographs and the criminal prosecution brought against the 62-year-old retired teacher and producer of television shows on regional channels.

It is about Theodoros Seremetakis of Georgios and Anna, born 8.5.1960. Criminal proceedings have been brought against him for the offences: a) sexual acts with minors over the age of twelve, consecutively, b) abuse of minors over the age of fourteen, consecutively and c) pornography of minors, according to the relevant announcement.

Patisia: Arrest of a 62-year-old man for sexual abuse of minors

The specific disclosure, “according to the relevant Prosecutor’s Order, is aimed at the need to protect society from his criminal activity, to facilitate the investigation of his performance – participation in other criminal acts of similar gravity, at the expense of a large number of other victims and in easier satisfaction of the State’s criminal claim for the inferno of the crimes committed”, as underlined in the relevant announcement.

According to information, the arrest of the 62-year-old was made following a complaint by a 22-year-old victim. In this specific complaint, the 22-year-old girl claims that her sister received erotic photos of her when she was a minor. In fact, the until then unknown sender demanded similar sexual acts from her 22-year-old sister, in exchange for money.

The perpetrator is alleged to have sexually abused a total of five underage girls, while the investigation into the full scope of their action is in full swing.

At his house, in fact, a lot of audiovisual material, sexual content of the perpetrator with minors, as well as 203 digital discs, 7 portable hard drives, 2 cameras, 5 mobile phones, 3 portable USB storage units and a laptop computer were found and confiscated.

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