Honor to the popular pre-revolutionary hero Theodoromanolis

Honor to the popular pre-revolutionary hero Theodoromanolis
Honor to the popular pre-revolutionary hero Theodoromanolis
The Genarch of the Theodoraki family

After the noble sponsorship of two dear and elite members of the Theodorakis family, the distinguished cardiologist of Onassios Georgios Theodorakis and our well-known and distinguished fellow citizen, ophthalmologist Nikolaos Theodorakis, on September 3rd, the monument to the folk hero will finally be unveiled in Maza Selinou Theodoromanolis and progenitor of the Theodorakis, well-known from the Rizitiko that extols his heroic deed in Epanochori Selinou where he killed the bloodthirsty Venetian outlaw Emin Aga Vergeris, a prominent member of the Turkish-Cretan family of the Vergerides, for the insult he tried to cause at the expense of his family.

Manolis Theodorakis or Theodoromanolis as he is more widely known, was born in 1778 in Epanochori Selinou, in the Marangiana district of Chania and was called Maragakis, but he changed his last name to Theodorakis, according to one opinion, because his father was called Theodoros. However, there is also a widespread opinion that with his feat he saved the region from a bloodthirsty monster, such as Vergeris, and he was a “gift from God” for the inhabitants of the tyrannized region.
That’s why they called him, bearer of the divine gift Theodoromanolis.
Theodoromanolis, according to the original recorded in the Aristidis Kriaris collection, when he was ordered by the notorious janissary of Epanochori, Emin Vergeris, to go to his house to entertain him and his company, since he was a famous lyre player, but to bring along his cousins ​​and his widowed aunt . Theodoremanolis, realizing the fate that the Turk had in store for them, fled the women to the Samaria Gorge, because Vergeris would rape them, make them his slaves or take them to his harem. After all, Vergeris was the fear and terror of the area’s Christians and the crimes he had committed against them were notorious. As soon as Theodoromanolisto fled to the safety of the deceived Farangios, he set up a cartel in Vergeri and killed him.
The next day the janissaries of the area of ​​Selino arrested 40 men and led them to the Pasha’s mansion in Chania. As soon as he learned of this fact, Theodoromanolis surrendered himself to the Turks, so that the innocent arrested would not pay for his heroic deed.
The Turks took him to the Pasha of Chania to apologize. Pasha asked him why he killed Vergeris, he explained that Vergeris intended to dishonor his family, Pasha advised him to find another excuse to save himself, but since Theodoromanolis did not deny the murder, then he left him in his hands of the Turks resulting in his martyrdom and the abuse of his corpse
All this happened in the pre-revolutionary era, specifically when the Revolution of 1821 was in progress and the janissary, despite the efforts of the High Gate to limit its arbitrary action, had become completely shameless. So also in the area of ​​Selinos, families of janissaries, as recorded Kaourides, Saratsides, Omerides, Argyrakis, Bergerides, were active and they were the fear and terror of the place.
In addition to the pre-revolutionary movements, such as Daskalogiannis and the revolutionary events, after 1821, there were actions of ordinary people who opposed for their honor, their pride and their freedom against a brutal and bloodthirsty conqueror, raising the morale of a captured of a people who lived in a period of unbearable slavery. Such an action was the work of Theodoromanolis who inspired, like no other, the popular muse…

*Emmanouil Theodorakis
he is a professor – writer
This publication dedicated with love to all Theodorakis and especially to our leader and late MIKI, who remains with his ethos and his work, always, alive in the hearts of the whole world.

Emm. Theodorakis


Hyacinth, my hydrangea, blue hydrangea
listen to me tell you a sad song.
A song to learn, a song to say
and all you Christians sit down and cry.
For Manolis I will tell you Thodoromanoli
who killed Vergeris in the Apanichori.
He asks you to learn what actions of Vergeris
he was a dog and a killer, he had no match elsewhere.
Day and night tsoi romios oulus ezygone joi
and they catch Christian women and unmasked men.
And if he wanted to see lusts already annihilated
they unjustly caught and slaughtered the poor man.
He called the lyre player Theodoromanolis
to go and feast in Kobitsomanolis.
Shut up eda Emin Aga with your weirdness
so that the revelry that your indulgence makes stinks.
Come Manoli obanet and vasta and the lyre
drag your cousins ​​and drag the widow too.
He stood in the arch and entered from there
and he saw and did things that no man liked.
They had robbies and fishermen laid out on the boards
and up there, both girls and boys were dancing.
Vergeris the dog spoke to him fiercely
Come on, you’re a girl, boy, and you’re not a creep.
What did you do to me, but I do what you say
I will do worse than your body.
He took his rifle and climbed the fig tree
to show Emir Agha how men act.
The Turk was on the right of the lower stairs
a mantinada was talking and shouting loudly.
He called the mantinada and ‘eat the ball too’
sleep overcame him, he said no more.
He sprang from the fig tree and dropped his fez
and madara dragged the place, he doesn’t like it.
You are a bad-ass woman
I killed Vergeri and where do you want to stay?
If you did it, slaughter your children too
slaughter your wife too and let’s go about your business.
He leans down sweetly and kisses her and his children
and he takes his rifle and goes to work.
Omalos was caught by Thodoromanoli
bound, they brought him into Apanihori.
Say you killed him, what was your motive
if they kill you and you lose your life.
My irji asked me to trip me up
for that I killed him, even if you want, let’s judge.
And the pasha shouted with a loud voice
as our book says, it will cause a mess.
And the pasha ordered it and said to Jelalis
With a sword alone to take the head.

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