Tomorrow in the surgery after the cruciate ligament tear, normally today his speech

Tomorrow he goes into surgery Nikos Androulakishowever, today will be his speech.

Specifically, its president PASOK/KINAL who suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament as he was injured yesterday afternoon in Zappeio while playing basketball as part of an event for the anniversary of the founding of the party, will give his speech, but not as originally planned. According to his information, due to the developments with his health, his program today – as well as the context in which the speech will take place – will be modified so that Nikos Androulakis to speak without risking his health.

As for the PASOK president’s surgery, this is according to his information it will be done tomorrow at a private clinic.

His injury

It is recalled that yesterday Mr. Androulakis was injured in an unsuspected moment while trying to catch a basketball. In fact, at that time PASOK youth officials, party secretary Andreas Spyropoulos and members of parliament were playing basketball. He immediately left Zappeion and visited the doctor in order to determine the extent of the injury.

The initial assessment was that the president of PASOK suffered a sprain.




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