“Safari” of intersections by AADE

“Safari” of intersections by AADE
“Safari” of intersections by AADE

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By George Kouros
[email protected]

The tax audit mechanism is preparing to launch an autumn “safari” of crossings for professionals and businesses, with the aim of identifying cases of concealment of taxable material and tax evasion.

The cross-checking program will be “dense” as, upon completion of tax returns, it will also focus on specific codes to check 18 categories of income and assets.

Thus, deposits, interest, remittances, arrears of wages and pensions, dividends, income from real estate, as well as imputed expenses of taxpayers are expected to come under the “microscope”.

In this context, the focus of the intersections of the control mechanism is expected to include, among others:

1. The amounts of interest on deposits and repos earned by the natural person in the previous year and the tax withheld.

2. The data for the bank accounts, which cumulatively within the year (2021) showed movements of more than 100,000 euros.

3. Bank accounts and their movements, the balance of which in 2021 was greater than 200,000 euros.

4. The dividends paid to natural and legal persons within 2021, for which the Hellenic Stock Exchange SA (HEXAE) communicates the relevant data.

5. The sums of money paid by natural persons to credit institutions, credit companies and financial leasing companies for interest-based amortization of loans (housing, consumer, etc.), including accrued and paid interest, default interest, etc. .etc

6. The incomes from properties and whether they coincide with the incomes declared by the tenants.

7. Detection of undeclared income from short-term rentals and from utilization of card data.

8. Retrospective income or additional earnings of the year 2021.

9. The cost of fixed and mobile telephony.

10. The cost of electricity.

11. The cost of water supply, for customers whose annual water consumption exceeds the amount of 1,000 euros (with the aim of
identify those with undeclared pools).

At the same time, based on the plan of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, which has been prepared for this year, the following intersections are already taking place:
– cross-checking to identify taxpayers who submitted zero VAT returns, while having significant activity.
– cross-checking to identify differences between total annual output of VAT returns with declared income of income tax returns.
– actions to identify persons liable to submit or amend E9 declarations of legal entities, by applying the procedures for issuing acts of estimated tax determination.
– cross-checking of income of foreign origin in the context of the automatic exchange of information.

It is also worth noting that AADE also “runs” the program for automating debt management procedures, in order to make their collection easier, proceeding to gather all available information focused on the debtor (debtor profile) and at the same time activating the voluntary and forced collection.

In fact, in this direction, as “N” has already pointed out, from this month it is expected to be put into full operation, barring the unexpected, the new integrated Eispraxis information system, which is distinguished in the following applications:
– Management and monitoring of debtor identity and debts.
– Management, monitoring and automation of offsets.
– Send and manage electronic notifications, alerts and performances.
– Management, monitoring and automation of collection measures.
– Immediate information to taxpayers on debt issues.

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