Accident on the road: When is a car a total disaster?

Accident on the road: When is a car a total disaster?
Accident on the road: When is a car a total disaster?

Given that car accidents are a part of our daily lives, car owners need to be aware of their options in the event that their vehicle is a total loss.

The car accidents, unfortunately, are a particularly frequent phenomenon on the roads of our country. If someone is involved in a car accident, the “best” scenario is to do not cause injurysince the sheets are in most cases repaired.

And we say “in most cases”, given that the vehicle is likely to have suffered total destruction and is therefore characterized as unprofitable to repair.

How is a car presumed to be a total wreck?

After the accident, the expert will draw up a report where the labor and parts costs needed to repair the vehicle.


In the event that the total of work and spare parts exceeds the current commercial value of the vehicle, then the insurance company will mark the vehicle as unprofitable to repair. That is, he judges that the vehicle has been damaged total destruction.

What options do I have?

In the case of total destruction of the vehicle, the owner (victim) can request compensation where is equal to the market value of his damaged car before the collision occurred. In this case, however, the sufferer is obliged to return the damaged car to the insurance company.

As a second option, the sufferer may retain ownership of the vehicle. In this case the insurance will give us a smaller amount of compensation, and it will let us sell the “salvage”, i.e. the parts of the vehicle that are not damaged and therefore can be sold as spare parts.


For example, if the current market value of a totaled car before the accident was 10,000 eurosthe sufferer can receive as compensation from the insurance company 10,000 euros.

Otherwise, he may receive – for example – 7,000 euros and to sell the “rescued” parts from the accident himself (salvage).

In the event, finally, that the vehicle it can be repaired from a technical point of viewbut the cost of parts and labor exceeds the vehicle’s market value (called a financial total loss), then it may receive an amount as compensation and after repairing the car, to send the invoices to the insurance company.

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