Trannos: The trapper is hospitalized after a traffic accident – Nothing to do with the one in Voula

Trapper Trannos was involved in a traffic accident on Friday night.

On the same day that a year ago Mad Clip breathed his last on the asphalt, the young performer came out alive from the accident he had with his jeep.

Postpone appearances

Specifically, as his manager informed early on, Trannos is being treated at a clinic in Faliro after his accident, but his life is not in any danger. As a result, all of his upcoming appearances were cancelled.

“Ladies and gentlemen, a few hours ago, Trannos was involved in a car accident with his jeep. He is being treated as a precaution at the Metropolitan, as his health is not in any danger. Due to the above, unfortunately, his upcoming appearances will not take place until further notice. Thank you for your understanding, and we will keep you updated as the situation develops,” the manager’s post said.

The traffic accident in Vouliagmenis

Many were quick to link the three-vehicle pile-up that happened shortly after midnight on Vouliagmenis Avenue to the Trannos accident, but that is reportedly not the case. The young trapper’s accident happened earlier on Friday night.

The trapper’s manager spoke on the “Smile Again” show and clarified that it was not the same car accident.

The car accident in Vouliagmenis happened when the first driver, moving towards Posidonos avenue, for an unknown reason so far lost control of his car and collided with the other two vehicles. The collision was so severe that one vehicle overturned while the engine of the second vehicle was thrown onto the road.

Traffic police cars rushed to the scene, stopping the traffic, and 4 Fire Department vehicles with 9 firefighters who managed to free the drivers and passengers after an hour.

According to information, one driver was slightly injured, while two women who got out of the car that overturned were taken by EKAB ambulance to the KAT hospital, where they are being treated for serious injuries.

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