The Municipality increases the prices in daycare centers

The Municipality increases the prices in daycare centers
The Municipality increases the prices in daycare centers

The municipality of Oberschleißheim is increasing the kindergarten fees. After school food providers have also announced a price increase.

The tuition fees at the kindergartens in Oberschleißheim are increasing. This is due to the fact that the municipality also has to pay more and more for the operation of the kindergartens. At the same time, caterers want to raise prices for the after-school meal at two centres.

For seven years, the fees for kindergartens in Oberschleißheim have not been adjusted. Due to the general increase in prices alone, the operating costs of childcare centers have increased significantly in recent years.

To these are added the poor financial situation of Schleißheim, the pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The municipality compensates the deficits of the various providers that have accumulated in the daycare centers since 2015.

The new prices are valid from September 1st

In order to reduce the daycares’ operating deficits to an acceptable level, fees for parents will now increase by an average of 15%.

The usual subsidies of €100 remain for parents with children aged 3 and over, so the fee increase appears to be half tolerable.

For a child receiving four to five hours of care, costs rise from 116 to 132 euros.

So, minus the government subsidy, parents will have to add 16 euros in the future. The rates increase with the duration of storage. For nine to ten hours, €192 is due instead of the previous €166.

All childcare providers in Schleißheim agreed to the regulation. The new prices are valid from September 1st. It had already been announced at the beginning of July that nursery school fees would increase in order to reduce the institutions’ deficits. The fact that daycare centers will follow suit is new.

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