We urgently need concrete proposals on energy prices

We urgently need concrete proposals on energy prices
We urgently need concrete proposals on energy prices

Response – Brussels: Irini Zarkadoula

“We need it urgently specific proposals on energy prices» is the title of the interview of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel in Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”.

As pointed out, Charles Michel does not appreciate the intention, which is attributed to the President of the European Commission, reserve the scenarios for dealing with the price spike for September 14; when she delivers her State of the Union address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

“We can’t wait until then,” he says, while noting that he doesn’t like the leaks of Commission working documents that are circulating, which he refuses to comment on.

“For now, the Commission is not proposing anything on the matter. What I would like is for there to be, as soon as possible, transparent proposals from the Commission. It is the principle of democratic transparency that the European Union must embody. And, as a reminder, there is a meeting of the energy ministers on September 9″, the President of the European Council underlines.

Regarding the energy prices, notes that “for many months, heads of state and government have called on the Commission to work on this issue. To be clear, about price caps and the possible need to reform the electricity market. It is certain that there was no consensus on the type of decision that should be taken, but there was consensus to call on the Commission to submit specific proposals” adding that “it’s not a criticism, it’s a call! Not by him Charles Michel but by the heads of state and government. There is a sense that the Commission wasted time, and that is unfortunate.”

Asked about the Belgian Prime Minister’s statement that five to ten difficult winters are expected, he said: “The truth must be told! THE Emmanuel Macron The Alexander De Croix they are telling the truth. It is also necessary to understand that, very quickly, everyone will have to to change our behavior in terms of energy consumption”.

The President of the Council also gave mandate in his services to formulate specific proposals for the buildings the newspaper reports.

The Union must lead by example. “Several Member States have done well to recommend or enforce changes in temperature behavior during winter or summer,” points out Charles Michel.

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