Polichni: The old man had been dead for days – How was his death caused?

The body found this morning on the roof of a house in Polichni, Thessaloniki, appears to belong to an 81-year-old Greek man.

It is reported that the elderly occupant of the derelict house lived alone in it and was said to have mobility problems as he limped on one leg – the cause of several other falls in the past.

As can be seen from the first evidence, several hours or even days have passed since the unfortunate man ended up, as the body is in the stage of decomposition.

It is alleged that he struck while working and ended up helpless. Information indicates that he probably climbed onto the roof of the shed to carry out waterproofing work, as in the previous days he had been asking his neighbors for sheet metal to cover the roof of his house. nekros-1-1024x681 nekros-2-1024x669

Earlier today, neighbors saw the body of the unfortunate man on the tiles of the house and immediately notified the Police.

Police forces rushed to the scene, while an EKAB ambulance arrived and pronounced him dead. It is estimated that the elderly man has not been alive for about 48 hours. roof-tiles-corpse-polychine 2-1

It is a tragic irony that today marks three years since he lost his one daughter. His second daughter had been looking for him, but in vain, for the past 24 hours.

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