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The head of the Athens forensic service, Nikos Karakoukis, and the medical examiner, Nikos Kalogrias, who have drawn up the report on the deaths of Malena and Iris Daskalaki, for whose murder Roula Pispirigou’s mother is accused, gave long-hour statements to the investigator.

According to information, the two coroners testified for approximately three hours each.

The two medical examiners confirmed their scientific conclusions in front of the judicial officer, that is, that the death of the two children was asphyxiation and not due to pathological causes. Moreover, this conclusion, as is already known, was decisive in bringing a new criminal prosecution against Roulas Pispirigou for the crime of homicide.

Metropolitan of Dodoni: “I do not review…” and “I stop any statements”

Regarding the judicial process, Anna Kandili estimated that very soon the interrogation will be completed, i.e. the examination of the witnesses and it is possible that Roula Pispirigou will be summoned to an apology by the end of September.

Tsakona: “I read new evidence – Death may be due to lack of oxygen”

According to information from Vassilis Lambropoulos, police editor of “To Vima” and “Ta Nea” newspapers, the medical examiner Christina Tsakona testified in support of her initial forensic report on Malena.

The medical examiner, however, in her testimony to the investigator yesterday, stated that based on the new data she read, the child’s death may be due to a rapid hypoxic episode, arguing that this episode may also occur from the administration of medication.

Malena’s oncologist, in “Smile Again”

Malena’s oncologist, in “Smile Again”, says: “I don’t know if the suffocation showed pathological anatomical insufficiency, I can’t say that, neither yes nor no. It is important that this child did not have liver failure while alive. He wasn’t alive.”

And the oncologist emphasizes: “One hundred percent. He did not have liver failure. If he suffocated, he died of suffocation, and that suffocation can create, I don’t know, the medical examiners know, the picture of liver failure. Image though.”

When asked if a lack of oxygen, even after death, can cause liver failure, the doctor clarifies that “I can’t say, because I don’t know, you understand?” That’s for coroners to answer, not me. Okay; I am telling you that the child did not have liver failure when he was alive. Beyond that, if after suffocation a person develops liver failure, i.e. image of liver failure and not liver failure, I don’t know if he can do it. Let Mrs. Tsakona answer this. not only Mrs. Tsakona and the other coroners.”

He then asserted that the child was healthy and characteristically states: “Of course, of course. Not only me but also the mother if asked this will answer you. That he was in good health until he fell asleep. He danced, he ate, he didn’t throw up, he didn’t have anything.”

Regarding Malena’s injuries, the doctor claimed that she did not see the child dead, because she was not on duty. He saw the child covered, the previous days he had not. In the previous days, as the oncologist pointed out, she definitely didn’t have anything, but on that day, Saturday, she doesn’t know.

Dimitris Galenderis: “Now Ms. Tsakona’s opinion on Malena’s death is more correctly formulated”

Mr. Galanteris, speaking to “Smile Again” regarding hypoxia and liver failure, clarified:

“Liver failure is a clinical term, not a forensic one, as its diagnosis requires an organism to be alive. so we have some liver damage and not liver failure. We are looking to find the cause that caused this hypoxia. So we can say that the flow of events is first caused – by a mechanism – hypoxia and then liver failure. So the question in this case is what caused the lack of oxygen and not the liver failure.”

In addition, Mr. Galenderis emphasized that it is important that we admit the hypoxia, i.e. the lack of oxygen, in Malena’s case.

Source: MEGA

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