“I don’t review…” – New statements after the uproar (VIDEO) – Makeleio.gr

“I don’t review…” – New statements after the uproar (VIDEO) – Makeleio.gr
“I don’t review…” – New statements after the uproar (VIDEO) – Makeleio.gr

Metropolitan Dodonis made new statements, after the uproar with his incredible statements about rape.

“I cease any statements and any contact with any station. It’s over,” Metropolitan Dodoni said initially, in a telephone call to Mega.

“We say different things, we are asked different things, and others are presented. I do not care at all. I have lived a life of doubt. I do not care about anything. Rejoice and be glad. What I said whenever I think I will revise them, if I need to revise them” noted Metropolitan Dodonis.

When the journalist asked the Metropolitan if he is revising, he replied: “I am not revising… but I am telling you that they called me to talk about exorcisms and we started instead of exorcisms for that.”
Finally, regarding the reaction of the Minister of Education, Nikis Kerameos, he commented: “Doesn’t she insult the Church when she says that anyone can get permission not to attend religious services?”

The statement made on Friday by Metropolitan Dodoni:
“To my regret, I find that, today, during the television show “Today” of the television station SKAI where he was present, my thinking was distorted.

I may not have been clear, but in no way do these statements imply that neither I nor the ecclesiastical space I represent perceive the event of rape as anything less than a reprehensible and traumatic act.

Our Orthodoxy embraces conception as a uniquely joyful event for humanity.
Respect for human life, wherever it comes from, is an inviolable rule of our principles.

You will allow me here to remain strongly opposed to the pro-abortion position.

I want to believe that in this society we are all in the mood for an open dialogue of exchange of views and have not turned into a people’s court with online judges.

I tried to separate consensual arrest from the heinous act of rape, where we are not talking about “arrest” in the sense that our church understands it, and unfortunately I failed.

I want to apologize to any human being who felt wronged by my statements and to any woman or man who has been a victim of rape.”

The article is in Greek

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