At what price will it start being available (Video)

The heating oil is going to start being available from 1.65 euros per liter, as stated on Saturday (03/09), Nikos Papageorgiou as the president of Attica gas stations.

Specifically, according to relevant statements in MEGA, he said: “The starting price of the sale of heating oil will be around 1.65 euros per liter. […] The Ministry has pledged that it will indeed proceed with bolder subsidies. We expect to see, as a subsidy is not enough, we have seen this with Fuel Passes as well.”

Also, Nikos Papageorgiou added that, at the moment, the price of liquid fuel is for unleaded fuel over 2 euros per liter and for diesel slightly over 1.90 euros per liter. However, the president of Attica gas stations emphasized that next week there is the prospect that the price of liquid fuel will decrease, that is, from Monday (05/09) the gas stations with the new deliveries will “drop” the prices due to the imposition of a ceiling.

Characteristically, he noted: “We are experiencing the biggest energy crisis of the last 30 years. The issue is how we manage to keep the businesses. We predict from statistics coming both from GESEBE and from the Chambers, that 30% of businesses, whether small or large, cannot afford the costs”.

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