Murder of a breeder in Crete: The time has come for the trial – They had him…

Memories of the brutal murder of the breeder Nikos Bitsakakis (Laertis) in August 2021 outside his house in Petrokefali, awaken on September 23, when the case is expected to be tried at the Mixed Jury Court of Lasithi.

The 28-year-old Romanian who worked for the 39-year-old cattle breeder is sitting in the defendant’s dock. The 28-year-old is accused of shooting and killing the unfortunate Nikos Bitsakakis on the occasion of a heated argument they had a few days before he fell dead.

What shocked everyone at the time was the fact that at the time of the shooting, the victim’s 8-year-old daughter was inside the house.

The timeline of the murder

The murder took place while a rancher was shot while he was sitting on the terrace of the house with his child.

His neighbors hearing the shots and shouts ran to the spot where they saw the man covered in blood. Police officers and an EKAV ambulance immediately arrived in the village and at 22.00 the man was taken to the Moira Health Center where he was pronounced dead.

The perpetrator allegedly set up a cartel, as the area is dark and deserted, came out of the fields and shot the unfortunate man. The 39-year-old suffered at least four wounds, all on the right side, on the cheek, abdomen, and on the hand in two different places.

The 28-year-old Romanian was arrested by the authorities and confessed that he is the one who executed the 39-year-old farmer.

At the time, a 30-year-old countryman of his was also brought to the Prosecutor’s Office, whom the defendant named as the person who provided him with the hunting rifle with which he killed the 39-year-old.

Source: EKriti

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