“Violent death of both girls”

“Violent death of both girls”
“Violent death of both girls”

The statements of medical examiners Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias who sign the conclusion that attributes the deaths of the two youngest girls of the Daskalakis family to suffocation due to violent action, were received yesterday by the 35th Regular Investigator Eugenia Tjortzatou.

The two most experienced medical examiners by order of the Prosecutor’s Office, last April and while Roula Pispirigou had already been remanded in custody for the death of her eldest daughter Georgina, studied all the evidence concerning the deaths of 3.5-year-old Malena in 2019 and the only six-month-old Iris in 2021 and delivered their findings in June.
Yesterday they gave long-hour statements, about three hours each, to the judicial officer, in order to verbally present the parameters of their investigation and to answer the questions of Mrs. Tjortatou about the material they processed, the data they took into account and the methodology they used was applied to substantiate their conclusions which largely led to the indictment of serial murder against Roula Pispirigou. The head of the Forensic Service of Athens, Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias, in the report that the judicial officer has in her hands, analyze in detail the scientific points they recorded which lead them to the conclusion that both Malena, who died in the Oncology Unit of the “Elpida” Hospital “, as well as Irida, who died in the house of the Daskalaki family in Patras, resulted from non-pathological causes.
With their special knowledge and expertise, the two medical examiners are said to emphasize in their conclusion that “the combined exclusion of pathological causes of death” leads, based on the methodology applied in the case of the two children, to a “violent mechanism of death”.
For Malena, the two medical examiners report that: “In this particular case, the diagnosis by exclusion, which in itself is sufficient to establish the suffocation mechanism as the cause of death, is confirmed by the further findings, the post-mortem photographic examination, and leads the diagnostic thought in suffocation due to obstruction of the external mouths of the airways”. With regard to the six-month-old child of the Daskalakis family, the conclusion emphasizes that “based on the standard methodology followed and followed by us in this particular case, we are led to the diagnosis of a violent-deprivation mechanism of death (asphyxiation)”. The two coroners also emphasize that a pathological cause of death has been ruled out for both girls.

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