Metropolitan of Dodoni: Eleni Topaloudi’s parents erupt in Parapolitika 90.1

Anger and indignation from Yiannis Topaloudis and Kyriaki Armoutidou

Her parents burst out Eleni Topaloudi
for the unacceptable ones statements of Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomouregarding them rapes.

THE Yannis Topaloudis and the Armoutidou Sunday they spoke to Parapolitical 90.1 and the show “Two, but not strangers” with journalists Spyros Haritato and Baya Antonopoulou.

The father of the unfortunate girl who was murdered and raped in Rhodes, stated at Parapolitical 90.1: “Perhaps the Hierarch doesn’t know that even if some people are a couple, if someone doesn’t want to make love, it’s rape.”

Regarding the metropolitan’s statements, he specifically said: “It would be good for those who hold positions to be very careful with their knowledge. Those of us in this position who have lost children or been raped know that it is psychological murder of the whole family. It is a lifelong death of a family who has been raped or murdered. Metropolitan Dodoni represents himself and not God.”

Yiannis Topaloudis added: “My wife and I saw these statements and it caused us outrage and anger. The same indignation will be felt by those in our position. Rape should be considered murder, that’s how it should be treated by the courts.”

The hierarch’s words caused Eleni Topaloudi’s mother, Kyriaki Armoutidou, to become angry and indignant.

“I heard him with my own ears and it would have come to me if he was in front of me, your soul is dripping with bile, turbaned hierarch. Your words drip with misogyny. Did you give birth to a child? How do you talk and emit so much toxicity? Shame on you! They must be removed! Let him be deposed here and now and let him go home. They are false hypocrites and sow discord and intolerance. To change his name from Chrysostomos, creates shame in hearts. I’m not covered by the apology, don’t be delusional! In a few words, she told us, her husband wants them! An apology covers these bitter comments. Man is a misogynistsaid her mother Eleni Topaloudi.

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