Trapper Trannos in the hospital after a car accident near where Mad Clip was killed last year

The well-known trapper Trannos has been hospitalized since last night, after a traffic accident.

Three cars were involved in the traffic accident, including that of the well-known trapper who was driving, according to, a jeep. The fire brigade, police and EKAV rushed to the scene as due to the severity of the accident passers-by made the necessary calls to help those involved.

The fire department actually freed some injured people from cars who were then taken by ambulance to the nearest hospitals to determine their condition. Among them is Trannos who, according to his manager, Alexandros Kopsialis, who confirmed the whole incident, reassured the trapper’s fans by saying that he is being hospitalized as a precaution.

Through his post on social media, Kopsialis wrote characteristically:

“Ladies and gentlemen, a few hours ago, Trannos was involved in a car accident with his jeep. He is being treated as a precaution at the Metropolitan, as his health is not in any danger. Due to the above, unfortunately, his upcoming appearances will not take place until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you updated on his condition.”

The chilling thing about the case is that Trannou’s car accident happened exactly one year from the day Mad Clip lost his life on the asphalt and in a very close spot.

The article is in Greek

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